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PSYCH 870 - Forensic Psychiatry (4th year students)


This four-week elective is in Forensic Psychiatry. Forensic Psychiatry is a challenging and exciting field that interfaces psychiatry with the legal system. The rotation is designed to teach students the fundamental principles of forensic psychiatry, including principles related to mentally ill criminal defendants, issues related to the treatment of mentally ill in correctional settings, civil commitment procedures, and the fundamental differences between forensic psychiatric evaluations and clinical psychiatric evaluations. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of psychiatric disorders, including severe mental illness, malingering, personality disorders and substance use disorders. They will be provided opportunities to learn about legal matters as they pertain to psychiatric patients.

PSYCH 859J - Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab (3rd year students)

PSYCH 859 - Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab (4th year students)


Through their participation in this clinic fourth year students will acquire an in depth knowledge of healthy and unhealthy sexual behaviors, including forensic issues related to unhealthy, problem and offending sexual behaviors. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the evaluation and individual and group treatment of problem and offending sexual behaviors exhibited by adults, adolescents and children. Students will also participate in forensic evaluations and physiological assessments including penile plethysmograph, visual reaction time, and polygraph examinations.

If a faculty member is scheduled to serve as an expert in a legal proceeding (hearing, court, etc) on a sexual behaviors evaluation consultation, the students will participate in the preparation and accompany the faculty member to the proceeding. Students can include a research experience with their forensic and clinical experience, if they desire to do so. See the “Research Experience” section below for details.

Research Experience:

1.   Students will receive experience with the design, development, and conduct of research studies focused on sexual behavior. Students may be offered opportunities to join ongoing research projects, join a study under development, or propose their own study and receive mentorship from the elective’s faculty.

2.   Students have the option of including this experience with the aforementioned forensic and clinical experiences or as a stand-alone elective.

3.   Students will be included in presentations and publications derived from research in which they have participated and will be given co-authorship based on the level of their participation.




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