department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine

Gynecologic and Genitourinary

Each year, the Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine provides anesthesia services for approximately 2400 gynecologic and genitourinary surgeries.

Gynecologic (GYN) and genitourinary (GU) surgeries represent a wide variety of procedures ranging from routine diagnostic and therapeutic interventions such as cystoscopy, kidney stone removal, and bladder suspension techniques to more complex surgeries to treat cancers, infection, and hemorrhage. Frequently, advanced robotic technology is utilized in these complex procedure.

To ensure optimal perioperative care for all patients undergoing GYN/GU surgery, anesthesia providers within the GYN/GU and Robotic Surgery Clinical Sections are specifically trained in the management of these particular procedures. This training also includes the education and application of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols in select patient populations. Advanced training and specialized protocols are known to produce better patient outcomes and greater satisfaction.

For patients and families requiring GYN/GU surgery, providing a safe, high-quality perioperative experience is the primary goal of the GYN/GU and Robotic Surgery Clinical Sections. We look forward to assisting with your healthcare needs at the Medical University of South Carolina.

GYN/GU Anesthesia Faculty:

Laura L. Roberts, M.D.
Section Leader
Assistant Professor

Robotic Surgery Anesthesia Faculty:

Susan Harvey, M.D.
Associate Professor

Grayce Davis, M.D.
Assistant Professor