department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine

Anesthesia Pre-Operative Clinic

Rutledge Tower Pre-Op Clinic

Hours of Operation:
9 a.m.–5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.  Patients must be signed in by 4:30 p.m. to be seen in the Pre-Op Clinic that day.

The RT Pre-Op Clinic is located on the 2nd  floor of Rutledge Tower, room 266.  Pass the cafe on the 1st floor, make a left, and take Elevator B.  If coming from the Rutledge garage, enter the hospital by the information desk, make an immediate left, and the Clinic will be straight down the hall. 

Contact Information:
The main number is 843-876-0116. 

 Anesthesia Pre-Operative Clinic Team:
 Front Row (left to right): Sharon Tuner, RN, Clinical Director Perioperative Services; Annie Frasier, PCT; Melody Fiddler, RN; Carla Harvey, RN; Annie Williams, PCT
Second Row (left to right): Sherrill Bradsher, NP; Soundra Lewis, Unit Secretary; Valerie Sutton, NP; Audrey Wilder, RN; Brenda Strople, Charge RN; Julie Warren, RN; Patty Cavender, NP; Sherri Wilson, RN; Diane Miller, RN; Valerie Bailey, Unit Secretary; Kathryn Bridges, M.D., Medical Director
Back Row (left to right): Anthony Lehn, M.D., Anesthesia Resident; Lee Erbe, NP

Not Pictured:  Joyce Hatley, RN; Sue Ratzlaff, RN; Sarah Beth Krzysik, RN; Pam Diamond Inabnet, NP


MUSC’s RT Pre-Op Clinic is part of a collaborative effort between the MUSC Department of Anesthesiology and the hospital administration to:

  1. Improve operating room (OR) efficiency
  2. Identify potential complications related to anesthesia or surgery
  3. Inform patients about what to expect on the day of their procedure

In an effort to decrease costs, minimize cancellation or delays, and increase convenience for patients, guidelines have been established for pre-op preparation and testing. Please see the documents below for anesthesia pre-op testing guidelines.
Surgical Risk Classification System
Pre-op Matrix
     -Low Risk
     -Moderate Risk
     -High Risk

The MUSC Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine administers approximately 2800 anesthetics per month. Anesthesia services are provided in multiple locations throughout the hospital including operating rooms, interventional radiology sites, cardiology procedure suites, and the Digestive Disease Center. The Pre-Op Clinic provides multiple services for patients scheduled to undergo surgery including hospital pre-registration, nursing assessment, anesthesia evaluation, blood and urine testing, and patient education. Visiting the Pre-Op Clinic and having all indicated testing performed takes approximately 1 hour. 

You do not see your anesthesiologist until the day of surgery.  In one of our screening units, you will speak with a member of the anesthesia team who may be a nurse, nurse anesthetist, nurse practitioner, or medical doctor.  Our OR records are a combination of electronic and printed information. Thank you in advance for your time and patience as we make sure the appropriate data has been entered and documents have been signed. 

For Surgery Clinics
Once a patient’s surgical history and physical exam, signed consent, and lab orders have been completed in the surgical clinic, the patient may be sent to the Anesthesia Pre-Op Clinic for further evaluation and testing.  It greatly facilitates the flow of information through our electronic systems when cases are posted in Epic prior to patient arrival in clinic.  If a timely electronic entry is not possible, please provide a completed paper posting slip.   

At this time when patients bring records from outside hospitals, please be sure to include a copy of relevant information in the OR chart (i.e. heart cath reports, ECHOs, PFTs, etc.) or identify if your office has scanned them into the MUSC system. Anesthesiologists are particularly interested in studies related to the airway, cardiac, and pulmonary systems.

For other pre-op guidelines uniformly accepted by the anesthesia department please see below:
Surgical Risk Classification System
Pre-op Matrix
     -Low Risk
     -Moderate Risk
     -High Risk
NPO Guidelines for Patients

Should further treatment be required prior to surgery, the patient’s primary care provider or surgery office will be contacted to arrange that care. If post-operative co-management of disease is anticipated, a preoperative consult with that specific service is recommended.  

Phone Screens
When medically appropriate, phone screens are available for select patients having surgery or outpatient procedures. These patients are generally healthy, require no further lab testing, and have no questions or concerns regarding anesthesia. Phone screens may also be provided for patients that find it impossible to come to the Pre-Op Clinic. The surgical history and physical exam, consent, and posting slips should be completed in the usual manner. In addition, any patient with past medical conditions treated at an outside hospital should have a request for medical records form signed at the time of his or her surgery clinic visit and forwarded to the Pre-Op Clinic. This will enable the Clinic to get outside records without the patient returning to the hospital. A registered nurse from the Pre-Op Clinic will then contact the patient prior to his or her surgery date. 

No Inpatients
Inpatients or patients who will be admitted prior to their procedure are not evaluated in the Pre-Op Clinic.  Once the patient has been admitted, you may contact the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at 843-792-2322 to arrange to have the patient evaluated by an anesthesia provider in the hospital.