department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine


     Our educational program for the residency is based on an 18-month cycle with a different educational topic/focus each month (e.g. CT, trauma, neuro, etc). The design of this program is such that our residents recieve didactic training in each of these high-yield areas twice during their residency. This is in addition to the specific clinical and didactic training received while on each rotation. More specifics about the scheduled components of our educational system are outlined below. Of course, all of this occurs to facilitate learning during our clinical rotations with daily teaching from faculty during patient care in the OR, ICU, and clinics. The links below will give you detailed information about each of the components of our program.

 Grand Rounds/Visiting Professors

Class-specific Lecture Series

Simulation Workshops

In-house Workshops

Mock Oral Exams