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Laurie L. Brown, MD Medical Student Scholarship

Dr. Brown

Laurie Brown entered medical school at the Medical College of South Carolina (MCSC) in September 1949. During medical school he also served as a Naval Reservist. His first “anesthesia” experience came when he was hired as an obstetrical student anesthetist under the leadership of Dr. John Marion Brown, Charleston’s first anesthesiologist and Chairman of the department at the Medical College. Dr. Laurie Brown began his residency in Anesthesiology at MCSC in July 1954. Upon completion of training, he entered into private practice in Charleston.Several years later, at the request of Dr. John Mahaffey, Dr. Brown joined the Veterans’ Administration Medical Center in Charleston as Director of Anesthesia. He remained there until his retirement.

Dr. Brown’s appreciation for the mentoring he received during medical school years fueled his passion for teaching. Upon retirement Dr. Brown returned to the Department of
Anesthesiology at MUSC as Professor Emeritus were he continued to work with students and residents and served as the department historian until his death. The Laurie L. Brown, MD Medical Student Scholarship was established to support medical students interested in Anesthesia as a career.