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The Joanne M. Conroy, MD Endowed Chair for Education and Leadership Development

Joanne Conroy, MD

Dr. Conroy earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Dartmouth College and her medical degree at the Medical University of South Carolina, where she subsequently and completed a residency in anesthesiology. After completing her training, she joined the faculty in the Medical University’s department of Anesthesiology, where she quickly rose to the ranks of vice chair and chair. She also  served as Vice President of Medical Affairs for MUSC and Senior Associate Dean for the College of Medicine before moving to Morristown, New Jersey, where she served as Chief Medical Officer of Atlantic Health System, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Morristown Memorial, Atlantic Health System’s Executive  Vice President and president of Morristown Memorial. 

Today, Dr. Conroy serves as Chief Health Care Officer for the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) in Washington, D.C. In that position, she focuses on the interface between the health care delivery system and academicmedicine, paying particular attention to how health care in academic settings can address quality-of-care and patient centered care issues.

She also represents the interests of approximately 400 major teaching hospitals and health systems, including 64 Veterans Affairs medical centers, through the AAMC Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems. Additionally, she oversees the Group on Faculty Practice, Group on Resident Affairs, Chief Medical Officers Group, and the Compliance Officers Forum. It is her significant contribution to the leadership of anesthesiology and medicine as a whole that has compelled the Medical University’s Department of Anesthesiology honor her by establishing the Joanne M. Conroy, M.D. Endowed Chair for Education and Leadership Development.

Why an Endowed Chair in Learning and Leadership?

It is widely acknowledged that there is a national need for medical professionals to assume leadership roles in the increasingly complex health care environment. Because physicians typically become involved in leadership roles through happenstance rather than a deliberate choice, few have received training in the specific skills needed to affect positive change within an organization, community or public policy setting.  The Joanne M Conroy M.D., Endowed Chair in Learning and Leadership Development will be dedicated to providing anesthesiology professionals, faculty, and staff with these skills, concentrating on the following areas:

Effective meeting management
Creative problem solving
Recruiting and motivating others
Building consensus
Communications and conflict resolution
Inspiring purpose, passion and performance
Effective advocacy and political action