department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine

Endowed Chairs

What is an Endowed Chair

An endowed chair is an elite faculty appointment that carries with it a stable source of funding to support the chair-holder’s work. It is the most prestigious honor a university can confer upon a faculty member. A chair is usually established by a pool of philanthropically provided funds totaling $1 million, which is invested in a professionally managed fund. The principle, or “corpus,” remains in this fund, generating interest income that is used to attract and support the work of aleading scientist and/or educator in perpetuity.

Benefits of an endowed chair

Enables MUSC to attract and retain the best educators in the country.
Provides a permanent, stable source of departmental funding.
Establishes the University as a leader in the chairholder’s field.
Helps recruit the nation’s top students.
Attracts additional research dollars.
Establishes strength and perpetuity within a given field of study, promoting continual discovery and


John E. Mahaffey, M.D.
Endowed Chair

Lewis Blackman
Endowed Chair

Jerry G. Reves, M.D.
Endowed Chair in
Anesthesia Research

Scott Reeves, MD, MBA

   John Schaefer, MD
   John Schaefer III, MD



Joanne M. Conroy, M.D.
Endowed Chair for Education and Leadership Development

Charlie T. Wallace, M.D.
Endowed Chair in Pediatric Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

Claudia Oxner Simmons, M.D.
Endowed Chair in Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine

George Guldan, MD    



Joseph S. Redding
Visiting Professorship in
Critical Care Medicine
Laurie L Brown, M.D.
Medical Student