department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine

Intern Lecture Series (2014-2015)

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1 (S) & 13 (N)Ischemic Heart DiseaseTBD3:00pm in ART 4044Guldan
2 (S) & 15 (N)Valvular Heart DiseaseTBD3:00pm in ART 4044Guldan
41 (N)Pain8/7/144:30pm in SEI 314Nobles
4 (S) & 16 (N)Dysrhythmias 8/21/143:00pm in ART 4044Nelson
17 (S) & 9 (N)Preserving Renal Function 9/4/143:00pm in ART 4044Heinke
8 (S)Peripheral Vascular Disease 9/18/143:00pm in ART 4044Nelson
19 (N)Renal Failure 10/9/142:00pm in SEI 314Sabbagh
18 (N)Acute Oliguria 10/30/143:00pm in SEI 314Sabbagh
 Ventilator Management 11/20/143:00pm in SEI 314Hand
10-12 (S) & 8 (N)Management of CVA 12/4/143:00pm in SEI 314Skorke
23 (N)Spinal Cord Protection 12/11/143:00pm in SEI 314Redding
33 (N)Anesthesia for GI Surgery 1/8/153:00pm in SEI 314Bridges
13-14 (S) & 25 (N)GI Morbidity (liver, pancreas) 1/22/153:00pm in SEI 314Stoll 
19 (S) & 40 (N)Endocrinology2/5/153:00pm in SEI 314Tobin
27 (N)Bleeding and Transfusion 2/19/153:00pm in SEI 314Roberts
20 (S)Hematologic Disorders3/5/153:00pm in ART 4044Finley
18 (S) & 40 (N)Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid/Base3/19/153:00pm in SEI 314Walton
27 (S)Anesthesia for Peds4/2/153:00pm in SEI 314Sabbagh
22 (S)Infectious Diseases 4/30/153:00pm in SEI 314Rieke
1(S), 13(N), 2(S), 15(N)Ischemic and Valvular Heart Disease5/7/153:00pm in ART 4044Guldan
24 (S)Psych and Substance Abuse 5/14/153:00pm in SEI 314Heine
26 (S) & 29-30 (N)OB5/21/153:00pm in SEI 314Hebbar
9 (S) & 10 (N)Pulmonary Disease 5/28/153:00pm in SEI 314Hand
N = Newman's Perioperative Medicine: Managing for Outcome
S = Stoelting's Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease