department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine

CA 2-3 Available Lectures

Archived Lecture Series
PACUDavid Stoll, MD (8-12-2013)
Thoracic AnesthesiaTamas Szabo, MD
Methadone Pharmacokinetics &
Pharmacodynamics: Lost (and Found)
In Translation
Evan D. Kharasch, MD, PhD
Anesthesia for Brain TumorsMary Ann Herman, MD, PhD
Basics of Neuroanesthesia and
Joe Whiteley, DO
Pediatric Fluid and Electrolyte
Salvatore R. Goodwin, MD
Common Pediatric Syndromes Nicole Dobija, MD
Preemptive Analgesia and Post Operative Pain Management - Where is the Plasticity?Timothy J. Brennan, PhD, MD
Making  a Pursuit of Excellence PersonalJoanne Conroy, MD
Anesthesia and Cardiovascular Disease

Gerald Maccioli, MD

Cardiothoracic Anesthesia
Cardiovascular PharmacologyRoman M. Sniecinkski, MD (Emory)
Abnormalities of Cardia Conduction and Cardia Rhythm, (Stoelting Ch. 4)Gourge Guldan, MD
Chronic Pain
Chronic Pain Management (Barach Ch. 58)Tom Epperson, MD & Rick Smith, MD
Understanding the New Conecpts of Chronic Pain and Anesthesia ImplicationKataiba Tabbaa, MD
Critical Care
Renal Disease (Stoelting Ch. 14)William Hand, MD
Critical Care Medicine (Barash Ch. 56)Larry Field, MD
Hemodynamics in Critical Care (Barash Ch. 56)Horst Rieke, MD
Septic Shock and the OR: A Practical approach based on new guidelinesAndrea Gabrielli, MD, FCCM (UF)
EBM - Systems Based Practice / Coexisting Disease / Perioperative Outcomes
How to Get Started in ResearchMartina Nowak-Machen, MD
Using Ultrasound for Vascular Access Best Practice

Eric Bolin, MD

Awareness and AnesthesiaFred Guidry, MD
Perioperative Management of Acute Spinal Cord InjuriesLaura Roberts, MD
Diseases of the Autonomic and Peripheral Nervous SystemsDwayne McClerklin, MD
Hemotologic DisordersEric Nelson, DO
Management of Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (Stoelting Ch. 1)Kelly Grogan, MD
Everyman’s Guide to Working Up Drug-Induced Liver InjuryDolores B. Njoku (Johns Hopkins Univ)
Nutritional Diseases and Inborn Errors of Metabolism (Stoelting Ch. 13)Marc Hassid, MD
Prevention of Surgical Site and Perioperative Infections (Stoelting Ch. 19)Carlee Clark, MD
Office-based Anesthesia (Barash Ch.33)Catherine Tobin, MD
Trauma Anesthesia ChecklistCharles E. Smith, MD
Skin and Musculoskeletal Disease (Stoelting Ch.18)Ryan Nobles, MD
Preventing and Responding to Surgical and Anesthetic MisadventuresEric Wittkugel, MD
Perioperative Outcomes and Sleep ApneaStavros G. Memtsoudis, MD, Phd, FCCP
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in the Perioperative PatientHorst Rieke, MD
Endocrine Disease
Stoelting Ch. 16
David Stoll, MD
Health Policy 101...the ABC's of ReformJoanne Conroy, MD
Advocacy: ASA PAC SCSA PAC and YouC. Keith Stevens, MD, President-SCSA
Understanding the MOCA ProcessDaniel Cole, MD
Oral Board PreparationKelly Grogan, MD
Financial PlanningCarolina Capital Management
Financial Planning Part 2Carolina Capital Management
NORA/Patient Safety
Sedation of Pediatric Patients in the Imaging SuiteMarc Hassid, MD
Challenges of Anesthesia in the Endoscopy Suite

Todd Brown, MD

Does Technology Make Regional Anesthesia SaferStephen Lucas, MD
The "Settled Science" of Hemodynamic MonitoringAvery Tung, MD
Opioids (Barash Ch. 19)Amanda Redding, MD
Ambulatory Anesthesia (Barash Ch. 32)Eric Bolin, MD
MUSC Patient Safety ProgramsDanielle B. Scheurer, MD, MSCR
Perioperative management of closed head injuriesChris Skorke
Malignant HyperthermiaDaniel I. Sessler, MD (Cleveland Clinic)
Neurophysiology, Cerebral Protection an Monitoring (Barash Ch. 39)Chris Skorke, MD
Anesthesia for Complex Spine Surgery and Trauma (PBLD)
Barash Ch. 39
Julie McSwain, MD
Neurophysiology, Cerebral Protection and Monitoring (Barash Ch.39)Christopher Skorke, MD
Role of Adenosine in Cerebral Aneurysm SurgeryDavid McDonagh, MD
Adult Sleep Apnea and Ambulatory SurgeryKathryn McGoldrick, MD
Q & A Boards, Physics and MachineMark Rice, MD
Anesthetic Interactions with Street Drug and Herbal AgentsA.S. Carlisle, PhD, MD (UCSF)
Physiologic Changes Associated with AgingJulie McSwain, MD
Evidence-Based Dosing in Epidural ManagementMoeen Panni, MD, PhD
Post-partum CephalalgiaLatha Hebbar, MD, FRCA
Physiologic Changes of PregnancyCatherine Tobin, MD
Closed Claims in OB AnesthesiaLatha Hebbar, MD, FRCA
Eating in LaborJill Mhyre, MD (Univ of Michigan)
Pregnancy Associated Diseases (Stoelting Ch. 23)David Warters, MD
Management of High-Risk Parturients & Anesthetic Implications (Barash Ch.42)Laura Roberts, MD
Capnography: Where are we in 2014?Bhavani Kodali, MD
Massive Transfusion and Blood Conservation Strategies in Pediatric PatientsPaul Stricker, MD
Common Pediatric Disorders with Craniofacial AbnormalitiesJake Freely, MD
Neonatal and Pediatric PhysiologyIlka Theruvath, MD, PhD
Physiology of the NeonateIlka Theruvath, MD, PhD
Common Problems in the Pediatric Pre-care SuitePeggy McNaull, MD (UNC)
Pediatric Pain Management and Regional AnesthesiaGreg Schnepper, MD
Anesthetic Management of the Neonate Surgical ProcedureMichele Rovner, MD
Perioperative Work up for the Non Cardiac SurgeryGeorge Guldan, MD
Post Anesthesia Recovery (Barash Ch.55)David Stoll, MD
Perioperative Cardiac Workup for Noncardiac SurgeryGeorge Guldan, MD
Management of Patients with Psychiatric/Substance Abuse (Stoelting Ch.22)Christopher Skorke, MD
Emerging DrugsCarlee Clark, MD
Pharmacologic Principles (Barash Ch. 7)Ryan Gunselman, MD
Monitored Anesthesia Care (Barash Ch. 31)Jake Freely, MD
Pharmacologic Principles (Barash Ch.7)Ryan Gunselman, MD
Intravenous Anesthetics (Barash Ch.18)Sylvia H. Wilson
Ventilator Management Strategies in the ICULarry Field, MD
Anesthetic Care of the Patient with Pulmonary DiseaseGeorge Guldan, MD
Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery (Barash Ch. 29)Carlee Clark, MD
Pulse Oximetry PearlsN. Gravenstein, MD (UF)
Apnea: A Fifty Year PerspectiveFred Guidry, MD
Local Anesthetic ToxicityArjunan Ganesh, MBBS
Intraarticular BlocksRyan Gunselman, MD
Acute Pain Management of the Opioid Dependent PatientRyan Gunselman, MD
Anticoagulation & RegionalMichael Anderson, MD
Acute Pain Management in the Opioid Dependent PatientRyan Gunselman, MD
MSICU Changes in 2014-2015 Academic YearLarry Field, MD
Postoperative Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction John E. Ellis, MD (UPENN)
Systemic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (Stoelting Ch. 5)Kelly Grogan, MD
Understanding the CVPJoseph Meltzer, MD (UCLA)
Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Tract "Stoelting chapter 11"Latha Hebbar, MD FRCA
Anesthetic Management of Vascular SurgeryAlbert R. Robinson III, MD (UF)