department of anesthesia and Perioperative medicine

Basics of Anesthesia

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Rising CA1 Lecture Series, June 2013
BOA - ChapterTopicFacilitator
19/20Positioning, Monitors, & FOB setupMarc Hassid, MD
21/22Acid-Base and Hemostasis (from archived lecture series)Carlee Clark, MD
6/7Cardiopulmonary Physiology and AutonomicsAlan Finley, MD
-SCIP Guidelines/Risk IndicesCarlee Clark, MD
13/14Preop Evaluation & Choice of AnestheticKelly Grogan, MD
38/39PACU and Acute Post-op Pain

David Stoll, MD

25Cardiac DiseaseKelly Grogan, MD
30CNS DiseaseJoe Whiteley, DO
23/24Fluid Management and Transfusion

George Guldan, MD

11/17Local Anesthetic / Neuraxial AnesthesiaTom Epperson, MD
27Chronic Pulmonary DiseaseCarlee Clark, MD
29Endocrine and Nutritional DiseaseFrank Stewart, MD