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Recorded Grand Rounds

Acute and Chronic Pain MedicinePerioperative
Critical Care MedicinePharmacology
Cardiothoracic and Vascular AnesthesiaPost Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
EBM/Coexisting Disease/EndocrineProfessionalism
High Risk Patients/GeriatricTransfusion Medicine
Obstetric AnesthesiaTrauma
Patient SafetyMiscellaneous
Acute and Chronic Pain Medicine
Continuous Regional AnesthesiaRoy A. Greengrass, MD, FRCP
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)  (Print Lecture)Rick Smith, MD
Outpatient Use of Continuous Peripheral Nerve BlocksElie Joseph Chidiac, MD
Acute Pain ManagementBrian Ginsberg, MD
Spinal Cord StimulationRick Smith, MD
Regional Anesthesia in PediatricsArjunan Ganesh, MBBS
Management of the Chronic Pain Patient for Ambulatory SurgeryRyan Gunselman, MD
Sympathetic Nerve BlocksArthur (Rick) Smith, MD
Multimodal and Pre-emptive AnalgesiaSylvia Wilson, MD
Peripheral Nerve Block AdditivesSylvia Wilson, MD
Complex Regional Pain SyndromeArthur Smith, MD
Pain Management in the 21st Century: Myth and RealityKutaiba Tabbaa, MD (CWRU)
Common Surgically-Associated Chronic Pain SyndromesRyan Nobles, MD
Liposomal BupivicaineMichael Anderson, MD
Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Monitoring with CVP and PACJonathan Mark, MD
Radiofrequency AblationJ. Marcus Wharton, MD
TEE for Mitral Valve EvaluationKathryn E. Glas, MD
Congenital Heart Disease in Adult PatientsNicole Dobija, DDS, MD
Drug Eluting Stents: Breakthroughs, Controversies, and Perioperative ConsiderationsChristopher D. Nielson, MD
Cardiopulmonary BypassGlenn P. Gravlee, MD
The Unstable Trauma and ICU PatientScott Reeves, MD, MBA
Cardiac Wetlab: "Dissection of Porcine Heart with Echocardiographic Correlation"Stan Shernan, MD & Doug Shook, MD
Regional vs. General Anesthesia in Vascular Surgery, are Outcomes Different?George Guldan, MD
CAROTIDS, RA vs. GA vs. MAC: Does anesthetic choice impact outcomes?John E. Ellis, MD (UPENN)
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement TAVRDaniel H. Steinburg, MD
Current Status of Cerebral OximetryGregory W. Fischer, MD
Heparin Sensitivity and Resistance: Management During Cardiopulmonary BypassAlan Finley, MD
Complications of Hyperglycemia and Glucose Management in the Hospitalized PatientKelly Grogan, MD
Noncardiac Surgery after PCI: Timing, Timing, Timing, and CommunicationAlbert R. Robinson III, MD
Critical Care Medicine
Hemodynamic InstabilityAlbert C. Perrino, Jr., MD, NCOI
High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) VentilationHorst Rieke, MD
Improving Care of Critically Ill PatientsMichael Gropper, MD, PhD 
Neuro Critical CareJulio A. Chalela, MD
Ventilator Management in the ICU & OR - Minimizing the DamageLarry Field, MD
Perioperative Sepsis ManagementCarlee Clark, MD
The e-ICU and BeyondDee Ford, MD
Predicting Neurological Outcomes in the Critically illAngela Hayes, MD
Damage Control in the Traumatized PatientE. Douglas Norcross, MD
Effective Management of the Lung DonorTimothy PM Whelan, MD
Traumatic Brain Injury: Brain Tissue OxygenationChristos Lazaridis, MD
Burnout and Work-Life Balance in Critical CareJ. Randall Curtis, MD, MPH
Peri-Prosthetic InfectionsGeorge Cierny, MD
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)Joel B Cochran, MD
Diagnosis and Treatment of Coagulopathy of Chronic Liver DiseaseCharles S. Greenberg, MD
Update on Neuro Critical Care 2013: A Crash Course for AnesthesiologistsAndrea Gabrielli, MD, FCCM (Florida)
Delirium: Acute Dysfunction of the BrainEbony Hilton, MD

Evidenced Based Management/Coexisting Disease/Endocrine
Anesthetic Induced Inflammation and
It's Perioperative Implications
Dolores B. Njoku, MD
Anesthesia Medically Challenging Case ConferenceMatt McEvoy, MD
Management of Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices for Non Cardiac ProceduresEric Nelson, DO
Assessing B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) in adult surgical patients: Is it useful?Amanda A. Fox, MD, MPH (Brigham)
Perioperative Management of PheochromocytomaDenise Carneiro-Pla, MD
Sun, Sand, and Sur... gery: Health Care Globalization and the Emerging Threat of Medical TourismThomas F. Slaughter, MD, MHA
Office-based Anesthesia (Barash Ch.33)Catherine Tobin, MD
Massive Transfusion Protocols in TraumaCharles E. Smith, MD (CWRU)
Mastocytosis & Anesthestic ImplicationsWendy Suhre, MD
Perioperative OutcomesEric Wittkugel
Anesthetic Degredation and ToxicityEvan D. Kharasch, MD, PhD
Drug InteractionsP. Allan Klock, Jr., MD
Neuromuscular BlockersTamas Szabo, MD
Local Anesthetic PharmacologyRyan Gunselman, MD
Albumin UtilizationCarol White, PhD
Pharmacokinetics & PharmacodynamicsKen B. Johnson, MD
Oxygen ToxicityMartina Nowak-Machen, MD (Brighams)
Improving our FOCUSJake Abernathy, MD
Specialization in AnesthesiaJerry Reves, MD (Dean Emeritus)
Why Teach Cultural CompetencyWanda Gonsalves, MD
High Risk Patients & Geriatric Surgery
Bariatric SurgeryMegan Baker Ruppel, MD
MH-Associated DiseasesRon Litman, MD
Metabolic SyndromeMatt McEvoy, MD
Pulmonary Preop EvaluationCharlie Strange, MD
Sickle Cell Anemia and AnesthesiaSalvatore R. Goodwin, MD
Perioperative Glucose ControlKathie Hermayer, MD, MS
Perioperative Renal ProtectionMark Stafford-Smith, MD
Perioperative Cognitive DeclineTimothy Heinke, MD
Ethical Dilemmas in the End of Life and Geriatric CareA. Sue Carlise, PhD, MD
Aging: A Neuroscientist's PerspectiveAC Granholm, MD
Cerebral HypothermiaArthur Schwartz, MD
Cerebral AneurysmsDorothea S. Rosenberger, MD, PhD
Head InjuryAudree Bendo, MD
Perioperative Visual LossSteven Roth, MD
Anesthetic Considerations for Interventional NeuroradiologyJoseph Whiteley, D.O.
Neurotoxicity and Neuroprotection of Selected AnestheticsDorothea Rosenberger Parravano, MD, PhD
Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulations: Inside and Outside the ORChristos Lazaridus, MD
AIMS and Perioperative Outcomes
(Cleveland Clinic Dept. of Outcomes Research)
Daniel Sessler, MD
Substance Abuse: Why We Like Drugs So MuchPeter Kalivas, PhD
Epic and Perioperative QAPIRobert Cina & Joseph Sakran, MD
Update on Neurointerventional ProceduresAlejandro M. Spiotta, MD
Anesthesia for Neurointerventional ProceduresDavid McDonagh, MD
Obstetric Anesthesia
Management of LaborCynthia Wong, MD
Obstetric HistoryDonna D. Johnson, MD
Obstetric PharmacologyLatha Hebbar, MD, FRCA
MLAC (ED 50) Techniques Applied to Anesthesia PracticeMoeen Panni, MD, PhD
Obstetric EmergenciesGene Chang, MD
Maternal Cardiac ArrestJill Mhyre, MD
Embolic Disease States of PregnancyLaura Roberts, MD
Obstetric Airway. What did we learn to influence our practice?Bhavani Kodali, MD
Patient Safety
SimulationJohn J. Schaefer, MD
Surgical Site InfectionMatt McEvoy, MD
Airway FiresFred Guidry, MD
Perioperative ACLS

Gerald Maccioli, MD

Opiod Induced Respiratory DepressionStephen Lucas, MD
OR Fire SafetyFred Guidry, MD
Challenges of Off Site Anesthesia CareEric Bolin, MD
Improving Patient Care: The Foundation of Quality ImprovementKelly Grogan, MD
Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS): Evidence-Based Perioperative MedicineTimothy Miller, MD (Duke)
Management of the Difficult Pediatric AirwayPaul Stricker, MD
The Adult with Congenital Heart Disease for Non Cardiac Surgery

Frank McGowan, MD

Oxygen: Friend or Foe - The Newborn and BeyondRita Ryan, MD
Disturbances in Sodium and Potassium: When do you Treat?Julie McSwain, MD, MPH
Advances in Anesthesia Drug Delivery SystemsAmanda Redding, MD
Cool it! Evidenced Based use of Therapeutic HypothermiaSally R. Raty, MD, MHA
Fluid Management in the Trauma PatientBruce Crookes, MD, FACS
Rotem UpdateAlan Finley, MD
Myths of the INR: Liver Disease Does not Predispose to Procedure-Related BleedingAdrian Rueben, MBBS, FRCP, FACG
Non-Opioid Adjunctive Pain MedicationsWesley Doty, MD
Anesthesia and POCDMark Rice, MD
Obstructive Sleep ApneaCory Furse, MD
Perioperative Antibiotic UpdateCarlee Clark, MD
Perioperative Cardiac Work up for Non Cardiac SurgeryGeorge Guldan, MD
Diastology and Diastollic DysfunctionEric Nelson, DO
Sneezing, Snorting, and Snoring: Three Daily Perioperative Challenges for the AnesthesiologistGreg Schnepper, MD
Goal-Directed Therapy, Are We On Target?Will Hand, MD
Anesthesia Medically Challenging Case ConferenceGeorge Guldan, MD
Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
Emergencies in PACUDavid Stall, M.D.
OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)Frank Overdyk, MD
PACUMelinda Bailey, MD
Raising the Dead Post Cardiac ArrestBrenda G. Fahy, MD FCCM
CRNA Education:  What the anesthesiologist should knowAnthony Chipas, PhD, CRNA
Ethics in Anesthesia PracticeArthur M. Boudreaux, MD
Neurobiology of Substance AbuseSteven D. LaRowe, MD
Reentry into PracticeAnthony Chipas, PhD, CRNA
SCSARob Morgan, MD
Substance AbuseJ. Wang, MD
Professionalism in a Learned ProfessionJerry Reves, MD
Humanitarian AnesthesiaFrank Stewart, MD
Institutional Capacity for Reform: The LandscapeJoanne Conroy, MD
Risk ManagementWayne Brennan
Leadership and Education
Joanne Conroy, MD Endowed Chair for Education Lecture Series
Richard P. Dutton, MD, MBA
OR Management - Yes We CanWilliam H. Daily, MD
Managing Shiftwork and Fatigue in the Operating Room: It's Not Just a DreamScott A. Shappell, PhD
Academic Medicine and Healthcare Reform
J.G. Reves Endowed Chair for Research Lecture Series
Debra A. Schwinn, MD
Foundations in Teaching and LearningMary Mauldin, MD
Obstructive Sleep ApneaCory Furse, MD
Care of the patient for Thoracic SurgeryTamas Szabo, MD
Noninvasive Monitoring Technology and Patient SafetyNik Gravenstein, MD
EVD Management, FlolanEvert Eriksson, MD
Pulmonary HypertensionMichel J. Sabbagh, MD
Transfusion Medicine
AnaphylaxisJerrold H. Levy, MD
HITTJerrold H. Levy, MD
Sickle Cell Anemia and AnesthesiaSalvatore R. Goodwin, MD
Transfusion PracticesMichael A. Gropper, MD, PhD
Transfusion RisksBruce D. Spiess, MD, FAHA
Recent Advances in HematologyCharles, Greenberg, MD
Retransplantation of Liver PatientsAngello Lin, MD, FACS
Risk Factors for Liver TransplantKerri M. Wahl, MD, FRCP(C)
Liver TransplantationRandolph H. Steadman, MD
Pancreatic Cell TransplantationKaty Morgan, MD
Lung TransplantAlan Finley, MD
Update on Perioperatice Care of the Renal Transplant PatientMatthew McEvoy, MD
Cardiac Disease Evaluation and Management Among Kidney Transplantation CandidatesLatha Hebbar, MD, FRCA
History of Transplantation: From Myth to ImaginationCharles F. Bratton, MD
Airway CatastrophesScott Reeves, MD, MBA
Endocrine Emergencies and AnesthesiaStephen F. Dierdorf, MD
Why an Oral Exam? Demystifying the Process.Orin F. Guidry, MD
Biostatistic Concepts for Clinicians

Paul Nietert, PhD

Experimental Design and StatisticsBethany J. Wolf, PhD