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Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs Highlighted Events

Addiction Incorporated Screening

A documentary: The true story of tobacco companies' commitment to addicting the human brain
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
5:00pm-5:30pm: Reception
5:30pm-7:00pm: Screening and Q&A Session

MUSC Drug Discovery Bldg. Auditorium (Rm 110)
70 President Street

Please RSVP here
For more information please call Pam Knox at 843-876-2435


Rally for Recovery
The Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs is a proud sponsor of the Rally for Recovery on September 25th put on by the Charleston Chapter of FAVOR.  FAVOR is a national, non-profit, grassroots organization whose mission is to promote long-term recovery from addiction through education, advocacy, and recovery support services,  resulting in healthier individuals, families, and communities. 

"Just Say Know"
By David Quick
An excerpt from the Post & Courier, May 18

"...In March, the MUSC Institute of Psychiatry hosted one of the most pre-eminent researchers on the subject, Dr. Susan Tapert, a neuroscientist at the University of California-San Diego.

Tapert said the adolescent brain is particularly vulnerable because is still developing and more sensitive to the toxic effects of drugs such as alcohol.

In a study published in December 2009, Tapert looked at 12- to 14-year-olds before they had used any alcohol or drugs. Over time, some of the kids started to drink -- a few rather heavily, drinking four or five drinks per occasion, two to three times a month, classic binge-drinking behavior in teens.

After about three years into the study, she compared the drinkers to the nondrinkers. The bingers did worse on thinking and memory tests.

The study also showed a distinct difference between genders. Girls who engaged in heavy drinking during adolescence performed more poorly on tests of spatial functioning, which links to mathematics, engineering kinds of functions. Boys who drank performed poorly on tests of attention..."

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MUSC Alcohol Advisory Group 

Dr. Suzanne Thomas was appointed Chair of the Alcohol Advisory Group, which is charged by the Associate Provost for Education and Student Life at MUSC to examine and improve the alcohol culture among MUSC students. Toward that end, an action plan was developed, whereby in 2010 each college at MUSC “adopts” a month to conduct alcohol education activities that promote responsible alcohol use, help-seeking, and alcohol awareness. As Dr. Thomas is also a faculty member in CDAP, CDAP is directly or indirectly involved in all of these activities, which are year-round on campus. In the picture to the right, the College of Health Professions adopted the month of March and conducted a "standard drink" education display, using the Wheel of Pourtune game, which was developed within our Alcohol Research Center.

►More about the MUSC Alcohol Advisory Group  

MUSC’s Center for Drug and Alcohol Programs (CDAP) Just Say Know Conference

Through support from the American College of Neuropharmacology, MUSC will provide a half-day conference called “Just Say Know” using science to help prevent substance abuse in adolescents. This conference will provide educators and guidance counselors in the public school system materials and training to deliver an interactive, science-based alcohol and drug prevention program designed for 8-12 grade students. Conference instructors are experts in the science of substance use and addiction. This free conference will be held during 2010 and pre-registration will be required. CDAP has partnered with The Education Foundation to market this conference to the tri-county public schools.

If you would like more information, please contact CDAP Outreach Coordinator, Sylvia Rivers 843.792.9531 or

Recent Grants Awarded to CDAP Research

NIH has acknowledged the caliber of CDAP's work by awarding five grants to the following PI's:

Howard Becker, PhD 
L. Judson Chandler, PhD 
Scott H. Stewart, MD 
John Woodward, PhD 


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"I felt at all times that the staff I encountered were very interested in helping me. I never felt like a 'number.' "-CEL

" I did not feel judged or less of a person because of my alcohol issues. It has been a very positive experience...I also now realize this is a forever problem that I have to address on a daily basis."-Bobby

"This was an excellent experience. I learned a lot about alcohol dependence, coping strategies and other health related issues as they involve alcohol consumption. Most importantly my personal and family life have improved dramatically. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -James