Department of Ophthalmology

2005 Research Accomplishments

(13 MD’s; 9 PhD’s; 1 MD/PhD; 53 publications; 43 book chapters; 1 book)

Significant Scientific Accomplishments

  • Retinal degeneration studies have determined that cone opsin mislocalization and the resulting photoreceptor degeneration can be prevented by the administration of specific retinoids. 
  • Glaucoma studies have found tissue specific changes in a class of regulatory enzymes that appear to be involved in the development of steroid-induced and primary open-angle glaucoma. 
  • Cataract/refractive protocols are investigating new procedures to reduce complications and improve outcomes. 
  • Pediatric studies are evaluating new surgical implants and procedures for the treatment of cataracts and amblyopia.

Research Accomplishments
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