Department of Ophthalmology

2006 Research Accomplishments

(13 MD’s; 9 PhD’s; 54 publications; 1 book chapter)

Significant Scientific Accomplishments

  • Regarding retinal degeneration, we have discovered some of the underlying photochemical processes that lead to photoreceptor degeneration, as well as the subsequent molecular and biochemical events that play a role in photoreceptor death in several diverse diseases. 
  • Glaucoma studies have identified a specific class of enzymes that have increased expression in eyes with elevated IOP, and that the activation of opioid receptors can protect retinal ganglion cells and other retinal neurons from ischemic injury. 
  • Lens studies are working to understand how current ophthalmic devices damage surrounding ocular tissue through the generation of fluidic sheer stress via fluid flow and how changes in instrument design can ameliorate this damage.


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