Department of Ophthalmology

2007 Research Accomplishments

(15 MD’s; 12 PhD’s; 52 publications; 12 book chapters; 1 book)

Significant Scientific Accomplishments

  • Retinal studies have identified how rods and cones differ in their use of vitamin A, and how the accumulation of vitamin A by-products produced during the visual process, alters retinal metabolism.  A new retinal study initiated with RPB funds has identified some of the early events that contribute to the development of diabetic macular edema.
  • Glaucoma studies have identified protein acetylation as specific cellular communication signals regulating many of the events that lead to optic nerve degeneration, and how specific drugs can interfere with these signals to stop or slow this pathologic process.
  • Studies in cataract/refractive surgery have determined how different instruments alter the fluid movement within the eye.  Additional cataract/refractive surgical studies are evaluating new ways to measure “real world” visual acuity more reliably and are developing mathematical algorithms to predict ocular growth patterns in children.

Research 2007

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