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Current Trials

Storm Eye Institute physicians are involved in ongoing clinical trials and studies for the treatment of eye disorders and diseases. Being part of a major medical center allows access to collaborative studies not otherwise possible.

Several studies are being conducted at Storm Eye Institute which may involve evaluation of medications or surgical techniques. Your doctor will recommend which clinical study would be most appropriate for you. As each study has its own advantages and disadvantages, all details will be explained to you prior to your joining a clinical trial. You will also receive a written copy of the consent form with these details.

You may or may not receive compensation for participating in a study. However, most study patients enjoy the benefit of participating in a study that allows them to receive some of the latest and most advanced options and surgical techniques. Of course, patients enjoy the added benefit of participating in a trial that will obtain more information about treatment options of the eye and the development of future treatments and medications.

Possible Discomfort & Risk
Side effects and discomforts associated with the study treatment will be dependent upon the treatment and study you participate in. If at any time you experience any changes or discomfort, your doctor will evaluate your eye to determine if you should continue in the study and appropriate therapy will be initiated.

Each study will have an individual schedule of visits. Some studies will require more frequent visits and some studies will be shorter in duration. The duration will be explained in further detail at the time of your screening. 

The choice of participation is always yours. You may decide to discontinue at any time, even if you have already signed the consent form.

Ask our staff about participation. Your doctor and the Clinical Trials Coordinator will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Below is a list of current clinical trials at Storm Eye Institute. Based upon the results of your eye examination, your doctor will determine your eligibility to participate in a clinical study.

 Active  Clinical Trials

FDA Clinical Trials FAQ


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