Department of Ophthalmology

Crosson Grant Support 2009-2014

YearFunding SourceAgency Award NumberAmount FundedPI/CO-PIGrant Title
2005 - 2011NIH/NEI1 R01 EY014653$1,500,000Co-InvestigatorKinin/PGE Interaction in Control of Intraocular Pressure
2005 - 2010SC Research Centers of Economic Excellence$3,029,799Principal InvestigatorCOEE for Vision Science: Endowed Professorships
2008 - 2009SC Research Centers of Economic Excellence$1,337,393Principal InvestigatorCOEE for Vision Science
2008 - 2009Alimera SciencesAlimera1$34,040Principal InvestigatorReversal of RPE Dysfunction Alimera Compounds
2008 - 2010NIH/NEI$401,500Co-InvestigatorRegulatory Role of Protein Acetylation in the Optic Nerve Head
2008 - 2012NIH/NEI1 R01 EY019065-01$1,460,000Co-InvestigatorThe Mechanism of the Outer Blood-Retina Barrier Breakdown
2008 - 2009Inotek PharmaceuticalsSRA 2386$141,925Principal InvestigatorINO-8875: Mechanism of Action
2009 - 2011Amer. Health Assistance Fdn.$100,000OtherThe Role of Gamma-Secretase in the Development of AMD
2009 - 2010Thome Memorial Foundation$150,000CollaboratorOrigin and Toxicity of Retinal Pigment Epithelium Lipofuscin
2010 - 2014NIH$1,843,750Co-InvestigatorThe Mechanism of the Outer Blood-Retina Barrier Breakdown
2010AlkermesAlk-1$47,200Principal InvestigatorAlkermes Compounds and IOP
2010 - 2015NIH/NEI$2,424,340Principal InvestigatorProtein Acetylation in Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy

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