Department of Ophthalmology

Grant Support 2009-2014


YearFunding SourceAgency Award NumberAmount FundedPI/CO-PIGrant Title
1983 - 2011NIH/NEI5 R01 EY004939-26S1$286,378Principal InvestigatorSupplement to R01 EY004939
1983 - 2011NIH/NEI5 R01 EY004939-27$2,151,601Principal InvestigatorSynthetic Retinal Pigments and Binding Proteins
2001 - 2011NIH/NEI2 R01 EY013462-05A1$1,606,500Co-InvestigatorThe Role of Aquaporin-O in Lens Development and Aging
2003 - 2014Research to Prevent Blindness$65,000Principal InvestigatorSenior Scientist Investigator Award
2006 - 2009Fdn. Fighting BlindnessTA-NP-0606-0341-MUSC$300,000Principal InvestigatorMaintenance of Cone Visibility in Absence of 11-cis Retinal
2008 - 2011Neuron Systems, Inc.Neuron Systems$13,836Principal InvestigatorNeuron Systems, Inc.
2008 - 2009Univ. of South Carolina91364J/5 P20 RR16461$57,951Principal InvestigatorPACD Scholars: Dr. Eric Buck
2008 - 2010Vanderbilt Univ.VUMC35317/7 R01 EY013462-$139,115Principal InvestigatorThe Role of Aquaporin-0 in Lens Development and Aging
2009 - 2011NIH/NEI5 R01 EY019515-02$737,500Co-InvestigatorCone Opsin-Ligand Interactions and Photoreceptor Health
2010 - 2012NIH/NEI1 R21 EY020661-01$420,646Principal InvestigatorNovel Spatial Imaging Techniques for Ocular Retinoids and Retinoid Adducts
2014 - 2016Allergan, Inc.$164,500Principle InvestigatorBisretinoids levels in human and animal tissue

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