Department of Ophthalmology

Grant Support 2009-2014

YearFunding SourceAgency Award NumberAmount FundedPI/CO-PIGrant Title
1983 - 2011NIH/NEIR01 EY004939$1,815,000Co-InvestigatorSynthetic Retinal Pigments and Binding Proteins (PI: Crouch R) 
2005 - 2010Research to Prevent BlindnessGFW7041$50,000Principal InvestigatorPhotoreceptor Function in Development and Disease
2005 - 2010Duke Univ.R01 EY016516$167,291Principal InvestigatorCell Death Mechanisms in Experimental Glaucoma (PI: McKinnon)
2005 - 2011NIH/NIAP01 AG023630$10,399,616Co-Principal InvestigatorDual-Hit Hypothesis of Aging-Related DA Dysfunction
2006 - 2010Hope for Vision$50,000Principal InvestigatorSupport for Baerbel Rohrer Research
2006 - 2008TaligenR43 EY017465$60,337Principal InvestigatorExamine the Effects of Administration of Anti-Factor B Monoclonal Antibody and Fragments of Said Antibody and CR2-Factor H Constructs in a Constant Light Exposure Model of Retinal Eye Damage
2007 - 2010Fdn. Fighting BlindnessTA-NP-0507-0387-USC$300,000Principal InvestigatorBlocking Alternative Complement Activation in Animal Models of AMD
2007 - 2009CTSA MUSC$65,000Principal InvestigatorPreliminary investigation of the co-occurance of age-related macular degeneration and Alzheimer disease
2007 - 2009NIH/NINDSR03 NS056075$146,000Co-InvestigatorCreation of a Fatty Acid 2-Hydroxylase-Knockout Mouse Model (PI: Hama H)
2007 - 2009California Table Grape Comm.$30,000Principal InvestigatorNeuroprotection in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) by Grape Extract
2008 - 2013NIH/NINDSR01 NS060807$1,437,190Co-InvestigatorLipid Hydroxylation in Glial Cell Signaling and Myelination (PI: Hama H)
2008 - 2013Fdn. Fighting BlindnessTA-NP-0607-0446-MUSC-WG$1,000,000Principal InvestigatorHigh Content Metabolic Screens for Anti-Degenerative Agents in the Retina
2008 - 2011TaligenTaligen$320,000Principal InvestigatorComplement Activation in Retinal Degeneration
2008 - 2009Targacept, Inc.08-030-0299$15,942Principal InvestigatorNicotinic Receptor Activation and Oxidative Stress in Retinal Pigmented Epithelial
2009 - 2011NIH/NEIR01 EY019515$737,500Co-InvestigatorCone Opsin-Ligand Interactions and Photoreceptor Health (PI: Kono M) 
2009 - 2011Fdn. Fighting BlindnessNN-NG-PC-0709-0042-PCAC$200,000Principal InvestigatorNeurotrophic Factors and Retinal Degeneration
2009 - 2014NIH/NINDSR01 NS065456$1,613,665Co-InvestigatorInflammation and Degeneration of Optic Nerve in EAE (PI: Banik N)
2010 - 2011Targacept, Inc.10-030-0099$37,094Principal InvestigatorProtective Effects of Nicotinic Receptor Activation on Stressors Present in AMD in the RPE
2010 - 2015NIH/NEIR01 EY019320-A2$1,649,545Principal InvestigatorAlternative Pathway of Complement Activation in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
2010 - 2014VAVA 1 IO1 RX000444$1,000,000Principal InvestigatorComplement Factor H Haplotypes and Smoking in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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