Standards of Behavior

Any person performing work on the MUSC / MUHA campus is expected to comply with the MUSC Standards of Behavior.  Below is a link to the policy that describes these standards.


I will:

  • maintain a positive, willing and flexible attitude;
  • be a team player and remove the phrase, “It’s not my job” from my vocabulary;
  • work collaboratively to help others;
  • be proactive in identifying opportunities for individual growth and departmental improvement;
  • be receptive to constructive criticism;
  • promote cooperation between co-workers/departments;
  • embrace change and offer suggestions for resolutions to problems; and respect and listen to my co-workers’ ideas.


I will:

  • treat patients, visitors, and colleagues with respect and courtesy;
  • AIDET – Acknowledge the person, Introduce myself, establish a Duration, provide an Explanation and say “ Thank You;”
  • follow the 10/5 rule; acknowledge the person 10 feet away by making eye contact, smiling and saying “hello” at 5 feet away;
  • help lost guests find their way by walking them to their destination when needed;
  • embrace diversity throughout the workplace with patients and their families by making a genuine effort to understand their needs;
  • respect the individuality, privacy and dignity of patients, visitors, and colleagues;
  • take all measures to protect the privacy of patients, including discussing the patient’s health care in a private place;
  • practice telephone etiquette by answering the telephone: 1) within three rings, 2) with energy and vitality, and 3) stating “Good morning, ” department name, and “How may I help you?;”
  • keep all interactions positive by not engaging in negative behaviors such as gossiping, back-stabbing, non-verbal negative insinuations, undermining, withholding, infighting and arrogance;
  • keep all interactions positive and discuss internal issues only with those who need to know;
  • refrain from criticizing MUSC in the workplace and in the presence of our customers;
  • practice elevator etiquette: allow visitors to enter and exit first and do not discuss patient information;
  • show respect for all employees regardless of their position in the hierarchy of the organization; and
  • not use any electronic communication device (e.g., cell phone, Blackberry, pager, PDA, internet) for personal business while working.


I will:

  • welcome new employees to my department;
  • answer questions posed by patients, students or staff to ensure understanding and facilitate learning;
  • manage up, speaking well of each other, co-workers and medical staff.
  • take pride in the workplace and help keep my work area clean by cleaning up litter, debris and spills promptly; and
  • maintain a safe environment for our patients, their families and our employees by:
    - understanding all safety codes and knowing how to respond to them;
    - using security measures when appropriate; and
    - understanding and following the National Patient Safety goals.


I will:

  • adhere to the MUSC Code of Conduct;
  • strive to exceed attendance expectations in order to provide consistency in quality of service;
  • be fiscally responsible by not wasting time or resources;
  • wear my badge at lapel level with photo facing out;
  • wear appropriate clothing that is in compliance with departmental standard and image policies;
  • take pride in my overall appearance;
  • take responsibility for making sure that my actions, behaviors and decisions reflect positively on MUSC;
  • support a culture that finds solutions, rather than one that makes excuses or blames others;
  • hold myself and staff accountable for providing professional and reliable service in a consistent manner;
  • adopt and promote AIDET in all appropriate actions;
  • communicate any concerns, suggestions and ideas to my supervisor in an open and honest manner;
  • uphold patient, employee and institutional confidentiality;
  • complete all mandatory training and maintain appropriate credentials/licensure;
  • collaborate with colleagues of other departments to ensure success of the institution;
  • adhere to and uphold all MUSC policies and procedures;
  • acknowledge and respond to e-mail, voice mail and other forms of communication in a professional and timely manner.
  • attend and participate in staff meetings and other meetings as required; and
  • be punctual for meetings and appointments.
  Standards of Behavior Policy
  Standards of Behavior Flyer

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