Department of medicine

Department of Medicine Standard Computer Orders

To order a DoM IT recommended configuration for Department of Medicine faculty/staff:

Fill out the standard IIT form and indicate the quote you'd like to use, from below.


Contact the MUSC Computer Connection at (843) 792-2323 and provide the quote # for the appropriate system from below.

Using these quotes will ensure that you get the right thing and will save you a substantial amount over the best deal you can get online.  
It is strongly recommended that you add a surge protector to any order for a new workspace.  
Simply indicate that you'd like to add one when you contact Computer Connection.   

Note that any of the below systems can be installed as non-Lynx machines.  We recommend the same specifications, but will install Windows 7 64-bit by default. 

Standard Desktop Workstations

Standard LYNX Machine with Monitor (for brand-new positions), Quote
Standard LYNX Machine with NO Monitor (replacement/upgrade of existing workstation which already has an Epic compliant monitor), Quote
Standard LYNX Machine with TWO Monitors, Quote

Justification and Business Manager approval is required on all IITs.  

It helps to include whether the system is a replacement for an older machine and what the status and disposition of the old machine is (working/non-functional, surplused, reassigned, etc.)


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