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Remote Desktop

Make sure to register for VPN if you've never done it

Step 1, Connect to MUSC Network via VPN

  • Go to the website
  • Log in with your NetID
  • There will be a tab on the left that says AnyConnect, click on that.
  • Click "Start AnyConnect" and it'll take you through an installer that sets up the VPN connection and ultimately connects to the VPN.  (subsequent uses won't need to install the vpn but you'll follow the same procedure to get it to connect up)

Step 2, Connect to your computer via Remote Desktop

Once connected to the MUSC network via VPN, open and connect with Remote

  • Go to Start>Programs>Accessories>Communications>Remote desktop (if you can't find the icon to run Remote Desktop, you can go to start>run>
    type mstsc.exe, hit enter )
  • Find your computer name or IP address, type that in the “computer”
  • Press connect button and log in to be presented with your desktop here at

When you are done, simply run the mouse up to the top of the screen and a yellow toolbar will drop down.  You can click the X to disconnect.  Then, find the VPN icon in the system tray (lower right-hand corner) and right-click and choose "disconnect" to shut off the VPN connection (it slows down normal browsing on the computer)

***These directions are written for WindowsXP but are similar on most Windows systems.  For Macs, you may download the remote desktop program and follow the same two steps. 


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