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NIH No-Cost Extension Process

Items to address in a typical no cost extension request on an NIH grant: 

At least 15 days prior to the original end date, please email or fax your Grants Administrator a signed letter from the Principal Investigator (PI) addressed to either one of the following individuals in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP):

R. Darren McCants                     David Azbill
Director, ORSP            or             Assistant Director, ORSP                              

In order for ORSP to render a decision, and then properly notify NIH; the following minimum information should be included in the request from the PI. 

  • Grant number
  • Title of the Project 
  • Requested new end date
  • Estimated total amount of remaining funds (including F&A)
  • Indicate if the level of effort for any Key Personnel (listed in Notice of Award) will be reduced by more than 25% of the level originally proposed.  And if these reductions on effort will have any affect on the overall scope of the project.
  • If applicable, indicate whether your human/animal/biohazards approvals will be maintained and kept current during the extension period.
  • Provide concise technical reason(s) for the requested extension
  • The appropriate department head(s) should be copied on the correspondence indicating it’s already been discussed and approved.

NOTE: There may be additional information required depending on the terms and conditions of your particular award and/or sponsor.  Please contact your assigned Grant Administrator for more project specific guidance. 


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