Department of medicine

IT Triage Table

User doesn't remember passwordCall 2-9700
Do not see some of my e-mailsCall 2-9700
LYNX ProblemsResolution
User doesn't remember passwordCall 2-9700
User deleted a file by accidentCall 2-9700
User getting errors at loginReboot PC, if problem continues, e-mail
I don't have an account.  How do I get one?Fill out and submit forms found on CCIT Web site:
Can't login, user name and password are correcte-mail
Can't printe-mail
PC is slow or crashinge-mail
I need a new program installed on my PCe-mail
Practice Partner ProblemsResolution
User doesn't remember passwordCall 2-9700
Don't see some of my notes, scripts, etc.Call 2-9700
Can't login or don't have an accountCall 2-9700
My name isn't showing in PP correctlyCall 2-9700
I can't print from PPCall 2-9700
I don't have a PP icon on my PC or webappse-mail
Home PC ProblemsResolution
AnythingDepartment of Medicine IT is not able to offer support for computers which were not purchased by Department of Medicine.
Other ProblemsResolution
I have a quick question for the IT Team

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