Department of medicine

Creating a New Link


Login to Site Executive with your MUSC user name & MNA password.


On left hand side, click the symbol located by

3.Click the plus sign next to medicine, then continue to select the until you find the page where you want to create the new link.

On the left-hand side of the screen, select the page where you would like to add the link, and select the Preview/Edit tab on the right-top side of the window.  Select the Edit Page pushbutton.
The editing toolbar appears at the top of the window.  You are now in “edit” mode.

5.Type the text that you want to display for your link (e.g., Grand Rounds Schedule).  Highlight the text.
6.Select the "link" icon link icon from the toolbar.
The Link Properties window displays.
7.Select one of the following from the Type drop-down:

Internal Link:If the page you want to link to is within the Department of Medicine or Web site   
a.Select the link icon "link" icon link icon.
b.Select the page you would like to link to, then select OK.
c.Enter a title for the link in the Title field (e.g., GI Faculty).
External Link:If the page you want to link to is an "external" site (e.g., PubMed)
a.Enter the URL/Web address for the page you would like to link to in the Link field.
b.Enter a title for the link in the title field (e.g., PubMed)
c.Select the Open link in a new window checkbox.
8.Select Save.
9.Click the Save/Close icon save and closeto retain the edited info.
The changes/updates you made will display in the preview window.  These changes are not live on the web until you publish them.

Click the Approval tab, then click the Publish button to make the changes "live" on the web on your division's Web site.


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