Department of medicine

Replacing an Entire PDF or WORD document


Update the PDF or Word document, and save it.


Login to Site Executive with your MUSC user name & MNA password.

3.On left hand side, click the symbol located by
4.Click the plus sign next to medicine, then continue to select the until you find the folder where the document you want to replace is located.  Select the document you want to replace.
5.Ensure that the General tab is selected on the right-hand top side of the window, then double-click Replace File. replace file icon
A window displays with a browse button.
6.Select the Browse button, and locate the Word or PDF document that you saved in Step 1.
Select the document and click Open, then select Upload. 
Note: It is not necessary to make any other entries on the Upload File window.  You do not have to make any edits to the link on the Web page - the link should automatically point to the updated document that you just replaced.)

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