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Web Site Maintenance

The extension of the file you are working with (e.g., .htm, .pdf or .doc) will tell you the type of edit instruction to follow below:

Most Frequent Edits

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Free text edits
Updates, additions, and deletions to the text on pages with a .htm extension
Linking to Word or PDF Documents 
Follow these steps if you have a new Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) document that is not currently posted on the Web site, and you want to create a link to the document.
Replacing an entire Word or PDF Document 
Follow these steps if you previously posted a word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) document on the Web site, this document has been updated, and you would like to update the version that is on the Web.
Creating a new link
Linking from one Web page (.htm) on the Department of Medicine Web site to another (.htm) page on this site, or another site
Updating an Existing Link
Use this procedure to fix a link that is broken, or to update the destination page for the link
Edit faculty directory profiles
This page will let faculty edit their MUSC faculty directory profiles.

Create a page combining a picture with text
Insert a picture on a page and have the text wrap around it.


Cropping Images
How to crop pictures in Photoshop for posting to the webpage

Photoshop Basics
Tips/procedure for doing a variety of image editing tasks in Photoshop


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