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Xerox Triage Table

IssuePhone NumberProcess
To order supplies included in contract1-800-822-2200Toner is sent to user automatically based on meter-read/usage.  However, sometimes problems occur and you might have to call.
Toner1-800-822-2200Toner arrives 2/box.  Always keep one full replacement in stock.
Staples and Other1-800-822-2200Not included in contract
Maintenance Calls1-800-822-2979Call this number and provide serial number.  You will be transferred to an operator who  will ask other questions relating to problem (i.e. error code).  If they cannot help via tele-phone, they will report to service department.  You should get a call within an hour or two from a service man.
Meter-Read ProtocolYou should receive an e-mail each month asking for your meter-read.  Your monthly charges are based on this read as well as your usage for automatic toner replacement.
Replacing Toner CartridgeTo change toner in C55 machines:
1. Open front door.
2. Locate orange lever in front of toner cartridge and flip to the left.
3. Remove old cartridge.
4. Slide in new cartridge and turn a little to the right until you hear puncture
5. Flip orange lever back to right.

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