Center for Health Professional Training and Emergency Response (CHPTER)

Core Competencies

Mobilization: Pre-stage Planning and Team Development
             Define and Recognize Disaster
             Stop: Establish Safety Plan
             Develop Clinical Disaster Team (i.e., establish leadership, roles and duties)
             Select and Don Appropriate PPE and Equipment
Clinical Disaster Operations and Communications
             Establish Operations Command (i.e., assume team roles)
             Establish Communications with Health Care Authority; Activate Healthcare System’s EOP/ICS
             Appropriately Report Scene Information and Needs (i.e., maintain situational awareness)
             Optimize Teamwork and Coordinate Tasks
Protect and Preserve Human Life and Continuity of Health Care Facility During a Disaster
             Ensure Personal Safety
             Ensure Safety of Patients, Families, and Staff
             Accurately Assess, Reassess and Care for Patients (START Triage proposed)
             Ensure Continuity of Patient Care Operations
             Preserve Integrity and Conservation of the Physical Plant
            Ensure Effective Demobilization of Health Care Resources
            Demonstrate Clinical Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Awareness
            Understand Role of Provider in a Healthcare System to Support Patients and the Community
            Understand Ethical Implications of Health Care During a Disaster
Mobilization: Pre-stage Planning and Team Development


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