Division of Emergency medicine

Emergency Medicine Admin Staff

General Administrative Office Address:Residency Program Office Address:
Emergency Medicine169 Ashley Avenue
169 Ashley AvenueMSC 300 Room 265
MSC 300 Room 294Charleston, SC 29425
Charleston, SC 29425843-876-8023
843-792-9705843-792-9616 (fax)
843-792-9706 (fax)
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Administrative Staff:

Denise DeGuzman, MHA
Business Administrator

Amy Robison, AS
Administrative Support Supervisor

Administrative Coordinator to:
     Edward C. Jauch, M.D., MS, FAHA 
     Division of Emergency Medicine Director
     Associate Vice Chair, Research, Department of Medicine
     Emergency Stroke Services, Department of Neurosciences Director

     Nicholas J. Connors, M.D.
     Toxicology Director

Faculty Support to:
     Daniel A. Handel, M.D., MPH, MAS, FACEP
     Chief Medical Officer, MUSC
     Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs & Physician Network Director

     Eric J. Larson, M.D., FACEP
     Gary F. Headden, M.D.
     Steven H. Saef, M.D., MSCR, FACEP
     Yalani L. Vanzura, M.D.

Melanie Pigott, BA
Residency Program Coordinator
Medical Student Education Coordinator
EUS Fellowship Coordinator
Grand Rounds & EM Newsletter Coordinator
Division Webmaster

Administrative Assistant to:
     Christina Bourne, M.D.
     Residency Program Director
     Jeffrey Bush, M.D., FACEP
     Associate Residency Program Director
     Simon Watson, M.D., FACEP
     Assistant Residency Program Director, Clerkship Director
     Pauline Meekins, M.D., FACEP
     Simulation Based Education Director
     Geoffrey Hayden, M.D., FACEP, FAAEM, RDMS
     Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Director, EUS Fellowship Director
     Brad Presley, M.D., RDMS
     Assistant Director of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound
     Ryan Barnes, DO
     Associate Director of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound, Medical Student Ultrasound Education Director

Faculty Support to:
     Jon P. Jennings, M.D. (EUS Fellow)
     Blake K. Willis, M.D. (EUS & Global Health Fellow)

Jennifer Smith, MBA
Accountant/Fiscal Analyst II
Grants Reporting, Support and Reimbursement Coordinator
AP & Grants Reconciliations
Research Coordinator
Purchasing and Reimbursement Coordinator, Purchasing Card Liaison

Administrative Assistant to:
     David M. French, M.D., FACEP, FAAEM
     Prehospital Medicine Director
     W. Brett McGary, M.D., FACEP
     Assistant Prehospital Medicine Director

Faculty Support to:
     Walter E. Limehouse, M.D., MA, FACEP
     Lancer A. Scott, M.D., FACEP
   James H. Tolley, M.D., MAT 

Cathy Zutell
New Hire Coordinator
Faculty Credentialing Coordinator
Facilities Management Coordinator

Administrative Assistant to:
     Christine M. Carr, M.D., FACEP, CPE
     Adult Emergency Medical Director
     Gregory A. Hall, M.D., FACEP
     Quality and Patient Safety Director
     Andrew J. Matuskowitz, M.D.
     Chest Pain Center Director
     Edward C. O'Bryan, III, M.D.
     Global Health Director

Faculty Support to:
     Marc T. Bartman, M.D.
     Jeffrey P. Caporossi, M.D.
     Meghan Cummins, M.D.
     Charles S. Gilman, M.D.
     Diann M. Krywko, M.D.


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