Division of Emergency medicine

EM Tactical Medicine

Welcome to the Division of Tactical Medicine
A specialty section of the Medical University of South Carolina's Prehospital Emergency Services.  During the last 3 decades, the concept of medical support for law enforcement special operations was born out of necessity, and matured through the knowledge and experience of many civilian and military medical and tactical operators.  Our division of tactical medicine provides training and support to both the military and law enforcement community and those that provide medical support to the military and law enforcement special operators.  Currently, we are offering a biannual tactical medicine symposium to this community.  We can also bring our training programs directly to your organization.  We offer an operator tactical combat casualty course but can tailor medical training to the needs of your organization.  We also offer VIP medical support with either physician or physician assistant coverage to those visiting the Low Country but can expand this support worldwide.
If you feel we can be of service to you or your organization, please do not hesitate to call our director or our department.  We look forward to serving you.
           Dr. Wade Manaker

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