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“The port city of Charleston is one of the most popular travel destinations of the Southeast, as well it should be, since it is one of those classic cities that has at least a little bit of everything for everyone.” -USA Today, “Tourism in Charleston, SC”

“Charleston 3rd Best City in the World” -CNN, October 2011   

“Puddles of moonlight on a glassy, smooth harbor. Fresh shrimp coupled with stone-ground grits. Palmettos dancing in an ocean breeze. I fell in love with these things on my very first visit to Charleston, that oh-so-Southern belle perched happily on the coast of South Carolina.” -Southern Living, “Return to Charleston”

“Husk Named  Best New Restaurant in America” -Bon Appetit, October 2011

“Charleston, S.C., has long been a place for eating well; these days it is a gastronomic boom town.”-NY Times,  “A Southern Star Rises in the Lowcountry”

“Charleston Named Top Tourist Stop”-Conde Nast, October 2011

“Charleston Named One of 100 Best Communities for Young People.”-CNN Money, July 2010

“Charleston Ranks Top Coolest Cities in America.”-GQ, November 2010

“Three great beaches are within a 25-minute drive of the center of Charleston… Charleston is basically flat and relatively free of traffic, except on its main arteries at rush hour. Therefore, biking is a popular local pastime and reasonably safe…A true Charlestonian is as much at home on the sea as on land. Sailing local waters is a popular family pastime…Freshwater fishing charters are available year-round along the Low Country's numerous creeks and inlets. The waterways are filled with flounder, trout, spot-tail, and channel bass…Offshore-fishing charters for reef fishing (where you'll find fish such as cobia, black sea bass, and king mackerel) and for the Gulf Stream (where you fish for sailfish, marlin, wahoo, dolphin, and tuna) are also available…Charleston is said to be the home of golf in America. Charlestonians have been playing the game since the 1700s, when the first golf clubs arrived from Scotland...-Frommers, “Charleston: Active Pursuits”


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