Division of Emergency medicine

Evaluation/Preparation Tools

Mock Orals are held four times a year.

Each resident is expected to complete monthly CORD exams.  These may be deferred, however, based on the resident’s performance on the annual ABEM in-training exam.  The in-training exam is proctored annually.

Monthly EM tests are focused on core content from Rosen and Tintinalli.

An EMA lecture series has been developed during which residents complete a short presentation summarizing EM Abstracts from EMRA.  These presentations occur every three months and are intended to keep residents up-to-date with the current literature.

Each resident meets with either the residency program director or associate director for semiannual evaluations.  Faculty members evaluate resident performance throughout the year.  Additionally, each resident completes faculty and resident evaluations annually.  There are also annual nursing/house staff evaluations of each resident.


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