Division of Emergency medicine

William H.Jacobsen II, M.D.

Place of Birth?

Austin, Texas

What are your hobbies and interests?

Team Sports and Pick-up games(especially flag football, basketball and soccer); the University of Georgia Bulldawgs; shameful pop music(Justin Bieber included); cold beer; beach bumming; snow skiing; and a personal goal for residency is to get comfortable on a paddle/surf board

What is your favorite thing about MUSC?

The small size of the program and all of the staff, from top to bottom in the ED. I rotated here as a fourth year medical student and was really sold on the program after seeing the interactions between the residents, attendings, physician assistants, nurses and ancillary staff within the department. As cliche as it sounds, the "team" approach to patient care was something that was illustrated to me on a daily basis. Also, with smaller resident classes, I feel you inevitably receive more one-on-one instruction, better teaching, and are more invested in as a resident. Plus, they were crazy enough to take me back after my visiting month!

What is your favorite thing about Charleston?

The fact that it is a destination city. It's so nice to have so many family and friends wanting to come visit based on the location. Charleston's rich history, thriving nightlife, amazing eats, and close proximity to the beach makes it such an awesome place to live and train.

What does your future hold in Emergency Medicine?

At this point, I'm open to anything. but most likely community emergency medicine with some overseas medical mission work tied in.


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