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14th Annual Poster Session

at the

19th Annual Diabetes Fall Symposium for Primary Health Care Professionals

September 19 – 20, 2013

Embassy Suites
North Charleston Convention Center
North Charleston, SC

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Julie Benke-Bennett

Student/Resident Fellow

#1 - Impact of Health Literacy in a Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Program Administered
Through a School of Pharmacy

Smith, S. A., Shealy, D. M., Threatt, T. B.

#2 -Exposure to Tobacco Smoke, Subsequent Cardiometabolic Risks, and Metabolic Syndrome in Adolescents
West, C.,Hunt, K.

#3 -A Cross-Sectional Study of Health Care Professionals' Utilization of Patient Education in the
Management of Diabetes Mellitus

Lentz, L., Graham, G., Garton, L., Macias-Moriarity, L.

#4 - Characteristics of Pediatric Patients Enrolled in Diabetes Transition Program
Khawaja, M., Lewis, K., Paulo, R., Bowlby, D.

#5 - Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the H.A.N.D.S. Program - a School Nurse Diabetes Management Training Program
Breneman, C., Heidari, K., Butler, S., Porter, R., Wang, X.

#6 - Fasting Insulin Levels in a Pre-diabetic Pediatric Population
Osborne, C., Henshaw, M. H.

#7 -Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease by Race in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Miller, V., Strom Williams, J. L., Egede, L. E.

#8 - The Effects of Generalized Anxiety and Stress on Cardiovascular Disease and Self-Care Behaviors in
Patients with Type II Diabetes

Ogburu-Ogbonnaya, A., Lynch, C. P., Strom Williams, J., Egede, L. E.

#9 - The Role of Health Literacy in African American with Type 2 Diabetes
Smalls, L. L., Voronca, D. C., Egede L. E.

#10 - The Student Pharmacists' Role in Raising Awareness of Diabetes
Johnson, H., Uldrick, E., Mahajan, S., Turner, L., Warstler, A., Brittain, K.

#11 - Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome Study: Is Waist Circumference a Better Indicator of Pre-Diabetes Than BMI?
Weinstein, B., Carter, J., Stein, S., Henshaw, M.

Clinical Practices

#1 -Diabetic Foot Care Education
Porter, E.

#2 - Obese Pediatric Patients Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes
Nashatker, K., Draffin, S. A., Bowlby, D., Nashatker, J., Totten, C., Szustak, B.

#3 - Multiple Risk Factor Management in Depressed Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Dalal, J., Egede, L.

#4 - Impact of Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidity Burden on Mortality in a National Cohort of Veterans
with Type 2 Diabetes

Lynch, C. P., Gebregziabher, M., Hung, K. J., Echols, C., Gilbert, G. E., Mauldin, P. D., Egede, L. E.

#5 - Impact of Systems of Care on Metabolic Control and Quality of Life
Walker, R. J., Voronca, D. C., Egede, L. E.

DSME Programs

#1 - The Influence of Race, Gender, and Socioeconomic Status on Self-Care Behaviors in Patient with Type 2 Diabetes
Cykert, D. M., Strom Williams, J. L., Egede, L. E.

#2 - Impact of Empowerment on Metabolic Control and Quality of Life Among Africen-American Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Lynch, C., Strom Williams, J., Voronca, D., Egede, L.

#3 - Patterns of Physical Activity in African  Americans with Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Ozieh, M., Dismuke, C. E., Voronca, D., Egede, L. E.


#1 - Diabetes Outreach in a Rural South Carolina County
Beauchamp, C. W.

#2 -The Role of Patient-Centered Care and Health Literacy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Ketner, B., Egede, L., Lynch, C.

#3 - Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Type 2 Diabetes Control in Non-Hispanin Blacks and Non-Hispanic Whites
Keitt, L., Egede, L. E., Dismuke, C. E.

#4 - Is Work Absenteeism a Mediator of the Effect of Diabetes on Income?
Gebreegziabher, K., Dismuke, C. E., Egede, L. E.

#5 - Predictors of Self-Care Behaviors and Medication Adherence in African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes
Strom Williams, J. L., Lynch, C. P., Voronca, D. C., Egede, L. E.


#1 - Comparison of Premixed and Basal Bolus Insulin on the Risk of Hypoglycemia
Woody, C. C., Weber, S. L., Bruch, J. S., Furmanek, D. L., Scott, V.

#2 - Improvements in Blood Glucose Re-Testing after Hypoglycemia in a Medical University Hospital Setting
Hermayer, K. L., Scheurer, D. B., Arnold, P. C., Merrill, M. E., Zhu, Y., Epps, J. A., Strickland-Hedgpeth, A. B., Hutto, A., Wilson, D. R., Cawley, P. J.

#3 - Relationship Between Vitamin D Status and Incidence of Vascular Events in the
Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial (VADT)

Alele, J. D., Hunt, k. J., Hollis, B. W., Luttrell, D. K., Luttrell, L. M., and the VADT Study Group

#4 - Chronic Weight Dissatisfaction Predicts Type 2 Diabetes Risk: The Aerobic Center Longitudinal Study
Wirth, M., Blake, C. E., Hebert, J. R., Sui, X., Blair, S. N.

#5 - Epidemiology Profile of Self-Identified Cases with Diabetes:
Changes in the Diabetes Population Since the New Millennium

Myers, P., Heidari, K.

#6 -Longitudinal Impact of Mental Health Outpatient Care on Healthcare Cost for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes
Egede, L. E., Gebregxiabher, M., Zhao, Y., Dismuke, C. E., Walker, R. J., Hunt, K. J., Axon, R. N.

#7 - Diabetes Increases Financial Burden for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury
Dismuke, Egede, Saunders, Krause


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