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Diabetes Center History

Diabetes mellitus is a public health problem of increasing magnitude.  Diabetes accounts for 14% of all hospital stays in South Carolina and adds to the morbidity and hospital mortality of admissions for other causes.

The Center utilizes multi-disciplinary teams of clinicians and scientists that enable research projects that are beyond the scope of individual investigators, such as genetic and biomarker databases or community-based networks of providers and citizen groups.   Developing and ensuring the continued stability of these resources is a goal of the Diabetes Center.

The need to create better technology to improve inpatient and outpatient diabetes care presents an opportunity to develop public-private partnerships that expands the scope of economic activity in South Carolina, particularly in the bioengineering realm.  Another goal of the Diabetes Center is to build inter-institutional collaborative research programs in South Caroilna that capitalize on the strengths of each institution and establish private sector collaborations around the development and testing new technologies.

The third focus of Diabetes Center activity is to disseminate information on current approaches to diabetes treatment to the community of providers across the State in support of the broad goal of improving public health and decreasing health care costs.  This activity is best pursued in partnership with the Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina (DSC).  MUSC offers specialized educational programs in diabetes care that will be made available to hospitals and/or practices.  DSC continues to follow its mandate to disseminate information to providers and make them aware of MUSC offerings. 

The ultimate mission of the Diabetes Center is to serve the entire population of South Carolina by improving delivery of diabetes care.  This is accomplished through coordinating the efforts of laborarory-based scientists, clinician researchers, epidemiologists and health care providers.

Given the current high prevalence of diabetes mellitus and demographic trends that show no signs of lessening, there is need for the services the MUSC Diabetes Center provides.

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