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Endocrinology - Healthcare Initiatives

The Diabetes Management Service (DMS) is a state-of-the-art program at MUSC that provides 24/7 concurrent ad-hoc care for the management of hyperglycemia and diabetes-related consults to all adult inpatients in most of the hospital units.  The glycemic control is a critical element of inpatient care that has received increasing focus and attention from the healthcare community and several national agencies over the last few years.  Successful diabetes management significantly improves patient outcomes, decreases readmission rates, shortens the hospital length of stay, and is now recognized as a key driver in improving the quality of care while significantly reducing the cost of providing hospital care.

The Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina is a unique melding of private, state, and federal resources and agencies toward the common goal of developing and implementing a comprehensive statewide plan of community outreach programs, health professional education, and diabetes surveillance.


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