Division of gastroenterology and hepatology


The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology currently holds three National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards, including a National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI) award.  The Division also receives funding from private sources.  To secure more NIH funding, the Division hired Dr. Joseph Romagnuolo as Clinical Research Director.

Research activity includes projects investigating stellate cell function in hepatic fibrosis; the impact of obesity on chronic liver disease; the effect of inflammation on esophageal motility; and esophageal impedance in Barrett’s syndrome.

The Division also is participating in pharmaceutical trials in hepatitis C virus (HCV) therapy and inflammatory bowel disease.  Other research initiatives include the study of biomarkers in gastric cancer; mechanisms of achlorhydria in Heliobacter pylori (HP) infection and endoscopic development; as well as projects related to nutrition such as total parenteral nutrition associated liver disease.

April Williams-Wood
Gastroenterology Research Program Manager

Becky Dana
Grants Administrator

Christine Davis
Gastroenterology Research Coordinator

Cecilia Wright
Gastroenterology Research Coordinator

Jamila Keith
Gastroenterology Research Coordinator


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