Division of gastroenterology and hepatology


The Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology currently holds three National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards, including a National Cancer Institute (NIH/NCI) award.  The Division also receives funding from private sources. 

Research activity includes projects investigating stellate cell function in hepatic fibrosis; the impact of obesity on chronic liver disease; the effect of inflammation on esophageal motility; and esophageal impedance in Barrett’s syndrome.

The Division also is participating in pharmaceutical trials in hepatitis C virus (HCV) therapy and inflammatory bowel disease.  Other research initiatives include the study of biomarkers in gastric cancer; mechanisms of achlorhydria in Heliobacter pylori (HP) infection and endoscopic development; as well as projects related to nutrition such as total parenteral nutrition associated liver disease.

April Williams-Wood
Gastroenterology Research Program Manager

Lisa Graves
Grants Administrator

Christine Davis
Gastroenterology Research Coordinator

Emily DePue

Mary Hart

Jamila Keith
Gastroenterology Research Coordinator

Stephanie Rudnicki


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