Division of General internal medicine & geriatrics

Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

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University Internal Medicine
Personal Health Care for Adults

University Internal Medicine is a full service, state of the art, Internal Medicine practice that strives to provide the best in comprehensive, continuous, coordinated and rapidly accessible care for adults.  UIM is located at MUSC’s downtown campus on the 8th floor of Rutledge Tower.  UIM includes the Internal Medicine resident continuity/teaching practice and the Internal Medicine Faculty practice as well as the Rapid Access Center.

The sixteen exceptional General Internal Medicine faculty members staffing UIM are a diverse group of clinicians with training and experience in geriatrics, endocrinology, neurology, and health services research, and include nationally recognized clinician educators such as the MUSC Internal Medicine residency program director.  Many of these physicians have been recognized with awards such as “Best Doctors in America”, Golden Apple Teaching Awards, General Internal Medicine/Geriatrics has been named Division of the Year for exceptional teaching by the residents for the last three years in a row.

135 Rutledge Avenue, 8th Floor
Rutledge Tower
Charleston, SC  29425

New and Return Appointments:
843-792-2995 (fax)

UIM practice hours are 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  A faculty member is on call after hours and on weekends for UIM patients.

Elisha Brownfield, M.D.
Walter J. Brzezinski, M.D.
E. Benjamin Clyburn, M.D.
Kimberly S. Davis, M.D.
Donald L. Fox, M.D.
Brad Keith, M.D.
Leonard Lichtenstein, M.D.
Cara Litvin, M.D.
Cheryl Lynch, M.D.
William P. Moran, M.D
James Thomas, M.D.

Rapid Access Center
The Rapid Access Center provides same day access for adult acute care needs especially MUSC employees, spouses and adult children.

MUSC Cholesterol Center
The MUSC Cholesterol Center was started in 1992 by Dr. James C. Thomas and Dr. Maria Lopes-Virella as co-directors. The center provides comprehensive treatment of cholesterol problems and other cardiovascular risk factors for the prevention and management of atherosclerosis. The program offers consultation for difficult to treat lipid problems for physicians throughout South Carolina. The center conducts research in cholesterol, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and strokes.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Lopes-Virella are founding members of the Southeast Lipid Association and the National Lipid Association. The MUSC Cholesterol Center is located on the 8th floor Rutledge Tower and the phone number is 843-876-0888.

Hypertension Clinic
The Hypertension Clinic focuses on the evaluation and treatment of patients with elevated blood pressures that are resistant to treatment with three or more different classes of antihypertensive medications.  The Clinic also gladly accepts referrals of patients for evaluation of suspected secondary or correctible causes of hypertension, labile hypertension, orthostatic hypotension, and intolerance to traditional antihypertensive therapy.

The Hypertension Clinic is located on the 8th floor Rutledge Tower and the phone number  is 843-876-0888.

Palliative Care Service
A palliative care program is available to address the needs of patients with incurable diseases who are approaching the end of their lives. Palliative care is characterized by a concern for general well being, including spiritual, psychological, social and physical comfort. Palliative Care does not intend to hasten or postpone death. The goal of care is to improve the quality of life, rather than provide curative therapy. 

The program at MUSC relies on an interdisciplinary approach to many of the complex issues at the end of life.  A team consisting of physicians, clinical nurse specialists, a nurse practitioner, care managers and chaplains are available to assist with:

Pain and symptom management,
Communication between the health care team and patients and their families,
Spiritual support
Psychological support
Social support
Hospice referral
Referral to Hospice of Charleston inpatient unit

The team provides both an inpatient consultation service and an inpatient service.  The inpatient service accepts transfers from other hospital services, but does not accept direct admissions. The consultation service will see any patient hospitalized at MUSC.  Any member of the healthcare team can make a referral.  A physician is available for MUSC inpatient palliative care at all times and can be reached through the MUSC paging operators (792-2123). 

We do not have outpatient palliative care services at this time.

MUSC Student Health Services
The mission of Student Health Services is to provide the highest quality of health care to the students at MUSC.  Services are available to all actively enrolled students who have paid a Student Activity fee, which entitles them to receive an unlimited number of visits at no additional cost.  Services provided include:

  • Ambulatory Medical Care: for acute and chronic health conditions
  • Preventive Health Maintenance: (pap smears, cholesterol screening, physical exams, immunizations (flu, travel vaccines, routine immunizations), allergy shots.
  • Women’s Services and Contraceptive Management
  • Occupational Health- ensure that all incoming students are in compliance with MUSC immunization requirements, maintain annual TB screening and OSHA requirements, administer mandatory vaccines for certain colleges (hepatitis B), manage occupational exposures (blood, chemical, etc).  A Student Health provider is available at all times (24/7) to manage blood borne pathogen exposures incurred during students’ clinical coursework. 
  • Laboratory – in office testing includes: Rapid Strep, urinalysis, pregnancy testing, spirometry, vision, audiometry screening, microscopy.

Location 30-A Bee Street
Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday (8:00 am - 4:30 pm).
Staff: The clinic is staffed with one full time physician, one part-time physician, a part-time
Nurse Midwife, two RNs, and two Administrative Assistants. 

Appointments:  Student Health Services operates by appointment, which decreases waiting time and allows for better planning by all parties. 

Pre-operative Assessment Clinic
The purpose of the hospitalist pre-operative assessment clinic is to maximize the safety and health of patients with chronic medical problems who are scheduled for surgery.

The services provided by the Hospitalist Pre-operative assessment clinic include:

• Overall general medical assessment
• Pre-operative cardiac and pulmonary assessment
• Management of medications prior to surgery
• Recommendations to lower the risk of medical complications after surgery
• Management of medical problems while in the hospital after surgery

Patients with the following conditions are encouraged to be seen pre-operatively in the pre-operative assessment clinic:

• Diabetes
• Hypertension/high blood pressure
• Heart or lung disease
• Chronic kidney disease
• Chronic steroid use
• Advanced age/elderly patients
• Poor general health

To schedule an appointment call 876-0888

MUSC Health East Cooper
1600 Midtown Avenue
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

New and Return Appointments:
843-876-8181 (fax)

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm

Martin Smith, M.D.
Deanna Vroman, M.D.
Jeffrey Wong, M.D.
Carol Blessing-Feussner, PA

Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center
The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center is a primary, secondary and tertiary care facility located in Charleston, South Carolina and is part of the VA Southeast Network, which includes facilities in South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama.  The facility provides a full range of patient care services, including education and research to veterans along the South Carolina and Georgia coast from North Myrtle Beach through the Savannah area.  Comprehensive health care is provided through acute medical, surgical, and psychiatric inpatient care, as well as primary and specialized outpatient services and nursing home care.  An urgent care center is on-site in Charleston to evaluate acute emergencies.  It operates Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm.

The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center consists of the main VHA facility located at 109 Bee Street, Charleston, SC and four Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC) and/or Outpatient Clinics which provide primary and mental health care in communities along the SC and GA coast.  The medical center and its clinics provided care for over 38,000 patients in FY 2005 including more than 381,000 outpatient visits.

Primary Care is composed of the following teams: 
Red Team:                                  
Blue Team:
   Dr. Hans Hinson                            Dr. Shakaib Rehman
   Dr. Robert McDonald                   Dr. Leonard Del Rosario          
Urgent Care:
  Dr. Lisa Von Moll                                 
  Dr. William Shelley


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