Division of General internal medicine & geriatrics

Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Personal health care is provided by physicians within the Division to patients in a variety of locations, including University Internal Medicine in Rutledge Tower, at the East Cooper outpatient facility in Mt. Pleasant, and at the Medical University Hospital.  Our physicians also work as primary care physicians at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center and the MUSC Student Health Center.  In addition to primary care services, the Division is home to the MUSC Hospitalist Service.

General Internal Medicine Clinics
   University Internal Medicine
   Rapid Access Center 
MUSC Cholesterol Center
   Hypertension Clinic
   Palliative Care Service
   MUSC Student Health Services
   Pre-operative Assessment Clinic
   Medicine Specialty Associates
   Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center

Dr. Kimberly S. Davis

Dr. Kimberly S. Davis
Director, University Internal Medicine Ambulatory Services


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