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ID Fellowship: Continuity Clinic

The purpose of the Infectious Diseases Fellow continuity clinic is to provide the Fellow with the experience of following his or her general infectious disease and HIV patients for a prolonged period of time to learn the course of disease. Infectious Diseases Fellows attend continuity clinics periodically at the VA Medical Center (VAMC) and weekly at Medical University Hospital:

VAMC Continuity Clinic
This continuity clinic meets one-half day every week. Most patients are part of a cohort of approximately 230 HIV-infected patients followed longitudinally. Age range is between 30 and 60 years with the median age being 40-45. Non-HIV consults are also seen at this clinic.

Medical University Hospital Continuity Clinic
This continuity clinic sees patients in follow-up from the consult service and referrals from outside physicians. Additionally, this clinic provides comprehensive care for patients infected with HIV (a cohort of approximately 1200). The Infectious Diseases Fellow sees patients one half day a week in this clinic.

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