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ID Fellowship: Travel Clinic

Many Infectious Diseases clinicians manage travel clinics, preparing people for overseas travel and treating infections acquired while overseas. The purpose of the subspecialty rotation in the Infectious Diseases Travel Clinic is to provide the Infectious Diseases Fellow with the clinical skills necessary for prevention of diseases in travelers and the assessment and management of patients with travel related infectious diseases. Topics include:

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  1. Counseling on prevention of infectious and other diseases in travelers:
     Food and water precautions
     Avoidance of mosquito/insect borne diseases
     Blood borne diseases
     High altitude sickness
  2. Preparations for travelers with special needs such as diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy, hemodialysis, or emphysema.
  3. Appropriate vaccination against diseases associated with travel to foreign countries.
  4. Appropriate antibiotics for illnesses that might affect travelers.
  5. Evaluation and management of tropical diseases that are found in patients returning from foreign travel, visiting the United States, or immigrating to the United States.
  6. Malaria prophylaxis as needed.

The Medical University Hospital Infectious Diseases Fellow sees patients in this clinic periodically throughout fellowship. The Infectious Diseases Fellow may elect to attend the travel clinic on a more frequent basis.


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