Division of infectious disease

ID Fellowship: Consult Service

The Infectious Disease inpatient consult service sees all general ID, HIV, as well as immunosuppressed cancer patients at the Medical University Hospital, the Ashley River Tower, and the Charleston Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

Referrals consist of complex patients that have or are thought to have an infectious disease, and are found among patients on the Internal Medicine service, other medical subspecialty services, including hematopoietic stem cell transplant, surgery service, surgical subspecialty services, Obstetrics-Gynecology service, and Psychiatry service. Patients are often located in the critical care units. The Consult team generally consists of an attending physician, an ID Fellow, an Internal Medicine Resident, as well as Medical Students. Additionally, often a pharmacy student and/or resident who provide(s) assistance with drug dosing, interactions and side-effects is included.

The division staffs two simultaneously operating consult services. The "A" consult service evaluates patients at the main Medical University Hospital and the "B" consult service evaluates patients at the Ashley River Tower, and the Charleston Veteran Affairs Medical Center.

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