Division of infectious disease

ID Fellowship: Pediatric ID Service

Many adult Infectious Diseases clinicians are called upon to manage infections in pediatric patients, therefore training in Pediatric Infectious Diseases is encouraged in the practice of clinical infectious disease. The Pediatric Infectious Diseases service cares for inpatients and/or outpatients at MUSC Children's Hospital with a wide variety of diseases including:

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 Pediatric ID Service
 Didactic Program

 Fever of unknown origin
 Cat Scratch disease
 Neonatal HSV
 Reye's syndrome
 Still's disease
 Disseminated fungal infections
 Cytomegalovirus infections
 Congenital syphilis
 Kawasaki's syndrome
 Sepsis syndrome
 Urinary tract infections
 Necrotizing fasciitis
 Group B streptococcal disease
 Cystic fibrosis
 Necrotizing enterocolitis
 Chronic diarrhea
 CSF shunt infections
 Epidural abscess
 Epstein-Barr virus infections

The Infectious Diseases Fellow may do a clinical rotation elective for the management of Pediatric ID patients staffed by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases attending physicians.


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