Division of nephrology

Patient Care

The clinical programs of the Division of Nephrology involve two teaching hospitals and two ambulatory care facilities:

Medical University Hospital
MUSC Hospital contains all surgical and medical sub-specialties, and most sub-specialties operate dedicated inpatient services. There are a total of nine special (intensive) care units and nine station acute dialysis units under the medical direction of the Division of Nephrology Faculty.

The MUSC acute dialysis unit supports all of our in-hospital continuous therapies such as CVVH and similar techniques. The acute dialysis unit also serves as a backup facility for our six chronic ambulatory satellite hemodialysis units in the greater Charleston area and supports dialysis for all patients hospitalized at MUSC who need dialysis. The training facility for our 50-patient home peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis program is based in one of our DCI Satellite Units.

The renal and renal-pancreas transplantation programs are based at MUSC. These programs perform 120-160 renal/renal-pancreas transplants annually, rating it in the top 15 most active transplant program nationally. The Surgical Transplantation team provides excellent general surgery support and vascular access for our hemodialysis patients. The Surgical Transplant program is located physically on Ward 6-East, a ward area geographically shared with the Medical Nephrology Service. Patients in our dialysis program and those with renal related problems admitted to University Hospital are generally admitted to our categorical Nephrology inpatient service.

Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Center Hospital
The VA Hospital is approximately two blocks from the Medical University Hospital. The VA Hospital consists of approximately 250 acute and chronic medical and surgical beds and is a major teaching component of the MUSC system. The faculty of the Division of Nephrology share attending responsibility in our fully integrated MUSC/VA Nephrology programs. The Division of Nephrology directs a ten station acute and chronic in-center hemodialysis unit and home dialysis training program (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) from the VA Hospital. Nephrology service activity at the VA Medical Center is maintained through a consultation service since all patients are cared for on general medicine services at the VAMC. 
Dr. John Arthur serves as Program Director for the VA based dialysis programs.

Two ambulatory care facilities support this program as well:

The Rutledge Tower Outpatient Facility
Rutledge Tower is located adjacent to the Medical University Hospital. This state-of-the-art multi-specialty ambulatory outpatient facility offers an excellent Nephrology outpatient support. Our clinic area consists of 1 module, approximately 13 examining rooms, several clerical support persons and several dedicated registered nurses. Laboratory, radiology, consultation, social work, dietary, registration and reappointment services are available. Typically this clinic consists of 20-30 patient visits during a 1/2 day clinic each week (Tuesday afternoons).

The VA Medical Center Renal Outpatient Clinic
This clinic is part of the VA outpatient module on the fourth floor of that hospital. The clinic provides eight examining rooms and is fully supported with ancillary personnel and health care services. Activity in this clinic consists of 20-30 patient visits during a 1/2 day clinic held weekly (Wednesday afternoons).


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