Division of pulmonary & Critical care

Fellowship Basic Curriculum

The first year of the training program involves clinical training in intensive care medicine in the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the Medical University Hospital, in the combined Medical Intensive and Coronary Care Unit at the Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center, in the Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Ashley River Towers, and in other surgical intensive care units.  The first year also includes ward services at the Medical University Hospital and pulmonary consultative medicine at the Medical University Hospital and Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center.

The second year in clinical training which will include:

  • Intensive care unit
  • Pulmonary consultation service
  • Pulmonary function laboratory
  • Exercise laboratory
  • Sleep laboratory

The trainee will also have an opportunity for electives which include:

  • Anesthesia
  • Cardiac intensive care unit
  • Surgical intensive care units
  • Trauma intensive unit
  • Cardiothoracic intensive care unit
  • Neurosurgical intensive care unit

Pathology, Otolaryngology and radiology electives are also available. 

Prior to the second and third years of training, the trainee will choose one of two clinical paths:

The clinical research and basic research trainee will spend six months in clinical training and six months pursuing investigation in the second year with a mentor from the pulmonary faculty. In the third year, each trainee will spend two and a half months as chief fellow and will be responsible for organizing conferences, mentoring junior fellows, preparing the call schedule, and administrating annual leave.  He/she will meet monthly with the division director to discuss any problems that have arisen with the training program or concerns from or with the other trainees. The third year of the training program will be similar to the second year; the trainee will continue in his/her path. During this time, the trainee will meet on virtually a daily basis with his/her mentor and will meet with the division Director twice yearly for evaluation and guidance.

  • Clinical research
  • Basic research

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