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Collaborating investigators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with IRB policies regarding nonhuman research before applying for transfer of samples or data from the MCRC and include IRB approval documentation in the application.

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The objective of this Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center (MCRC) is the advancement of knowledge with respect to African Americans who have, or who are at risk of developing, systemis lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, and other debilitating rheumatic diseases.  The center is built on a solid framework of strong leadership in Rheumatology, Biostatistics and Health Disparities Research coupled with trust and a proven track record of recruitment of African American patients for clinical research. 

Objectives of the center are to: 1) conduct and foster translational clinical research leading to improved diagnosis, management and ultimately a reduction or elimination of health disparities with respect to debilitating rheumatic diseases in African Americans; 2) focus on identifying and understanding the underlying reasons for differences in risk profiles and disease progression for African Americans; 3) provide information and education to patients and families, healthcare providers, the general public, investigators and health professionals at other academic health centers and government agencies. 

The MCRC consists of Cores and Funded Projects and a Pilot Project Program


August 14, 2014Project 2 Update
August 28, 2014Guest Speaker : Vicki Rubin
September 11, 2014Patient Resource Core
September 25, 2014New Pilot Projects Update (Jiang, Ramos, Su)
October 9, 2014Project 1 Update
October 23, 2014Admin Core
November 13, 2014No Meeting - ACR
November 27, 2014No Meeting - Thanksgiving
December 11, 2014Methodology Core
December 25, 2014No Meeting - Christmas
January 8, 2015Patient Resource Core
January 22, 2015New Pilot Projects Update (Jiang, Ramos, Su)
February 5, 2015Project 2 Update
February 19, 2015Project 1 Update
March 5, 2015Admin Core
March 19, 2015Patient Resource Core
April 2, 2015Methodology Core
April 16, 2015New Pilot Projects Update (Jiang, Ramos, Su)
April 30, 2015Project 2 Update
May 14, 2015Project 1 Update
May 28, 2015Admin Core
June 11, 2015Patient Resource Core
June 25, 2015Methodology Core
July 9, 2015New Pilot Projects Update
July 23, 2015Project 2 Update
August 6, 2015Project 1 Update
August 20, 2015Admin Core
September 3, 2015Patient Resource Core
September 17, 2015Methodology Core
October 1, 2015New Pilot Projects Update

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