Division of rheumatology & immunology

Lupus Education Event 2011

Click Here for the October 2011 Itinerary

Click Here for Photos from the Event

October 2011 Talks 

Click here for Dr. Gilkeson's Intro to Lupus Talk

Click here for Dr. Ruth's Female Health in Lupus Talk

Click here for Dr. Kamen's Lupus Research Studies Talk

Visit Linda Crew McNamara's Website at:  www.theuglydress.com

... More to Come Soon

Photo Consent for Your Records

Because this was a health related event at MUSC, we asked attendees to sign a consent to have your photo taken.  For those of you who did not take a copy with you of the consent, but would like one, please see the attached form for you to keep:   CLICK HERE FOR COPY OF THE CONSENT


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