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Student Didactics


Can Doctors be Neutral in Religion (Faith Workshop)(Jrs.)

Spirituality and Medicine (Faith Workshop)(Jrs.)

Faith Workshop Tegrity Session (Jrs.)

Hypoxia Presentation (Unstable Pt.)(Jrs.)

Chest Pain Presentation (Unstable Pt.)(Jrs.)

EKG Presentation (Jrs.)

Dr. Shelley's EKG Presentation (Jrs.)

How to be a Good Consultant (Srs.)

How to be a Good Consultant Tegrity Session (Srs)
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Handoff Lecture (Srs.)

Palliative Care Lecture (Srs.)

Pain Lecture #1 - Opiates (Srs.)

Pain Lecture #2 - Multimodal and Pre-emptive Analgesia (Srs.)

Pain Card (Srs.)

Palliative Care Vignettes & Checklist (Srs.)

Extra Reading

Brzezinski Pearls #1

Brzezinski Pearls #2

Brzezinski Pearls #3

CCU Notes

Common Inpatient Causes of Hypoxemia

Endocrine Presentation

GERD Case Study

Heme Onc Presentation

Infectious Disease Presentation

Acid/Base Presentation by Dr. Karakala

Acute Kidney Injury Presentation by Dr. Karakala

Nephtrology Presentation

Staging of Chronic Kidney Disease Article

Management of Inpatient Diabetes Patients

Insulin Type and Dosing

Oral DM Agents

Worksheet for Solving Acid-Base Problems

Handoff Article #1

Handoff Article #2

Handoff Article #3

Addressing Spirituality Within the Care of Patients at the End of Life

Thoracentesis (NEJM video)

Tegrity Professor Rounds Sessions

Dr. Brzezinski 063014

EKG by Dr. Will Shelley

Pain Management by Dr. Donald Courtney

Cardiology #1 by Dr. Val Fernandes

Faith Workshop by Dr. Deborah DeWaay

ABG's by Dr. Deborah DeWaay

Pulmonary by Dr. Richard Rissmiller

Cardiology #2 by Dr. Val Fernandes

Dr. Brzezinski 071414

Chief Session - Faculty Jeopardy by Dr. Jenny Riley

Cardiology #3 by Dr. Val Fernandes

Endocrine by Dr. Kathryn Lewis


Infectious Disease by Dr. Preston Church

Heme/Onc by Dr. Keisuke Shirai

Nephrology by Dr. Nithin Karakala

GI by Dr. Todd Dantzler

Gen. Int. Med. by Dr. Ashley Duckett


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