Department of medicine

MED-836: Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)

Course Number:MED-836
Title:Medical Intensive Care
Instructor:Antine Stenbit, M.D.
Location:Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC
Number of students:1
Duration:4 weeks
Credit hours:5
Course Offered:Year Round

This course is an opportunity for fourth year medical students to experience a busy medical intensive care unit and is an introduction to management of adult critically ill patients with a variety of complex diseases.  They will be exposed to a variety of critical illnesses and the procedures that occur in the MICU.  The students will be exposed to ventilator management, sepsis management, central line placement, and end of life discussions.  This is a unique opportunity for a fourth year medical student to familiarize himself or herself with a hectic ICU before starting an internship.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this clinical rotation, students should be able to:

1.  Understand the admission process to the MICU from the admission criteria to preforming at the level this includes: performing an admission history and physical, developing a differential diagnosis and treatment plan

2.  Develop skills in the management of critically ill patients secondary to a variety of illnesses, which includes understanding hemodynamic monitoring, and management of critically ill patients, including the use of ventilators and blood pressure support.

3.  Perform under direct supervision, procedures, including placement of arterial lines, central venous catheters, and Swan Ganz catheters.

4.  Practice reviewing relevant information in the medical literature regarding their patients’ disease state.

5.  Demonstrate effective and professional interpersonal and communication skills in interactions with patients and demonstrate professional demeanor and ethical behavior.

Instructional Methodology

Students on this rotation will be expected to learn and achieve the educational goals and objectives through the following methodologies and activities:

1.  The student will participate in all aspects of care including diagnosis and management. 

2.  They will receive instruction in ventilator management (including bi-vent, oscillator, and non invasive ventilation), pulmonary artery catheter use, and central line use. 

3.  They will receive instruction in pharmacotherapy of the critically ill, and will have the opportunity to learn a variety of procedures such as central line placement, arterial line placement, and the use of ultrasound in the ICU. 

4.  Attendance at teaching rounds and pulmonary conferences including the monthly Critical Care Morbidity and Mortality conference.  

Evaluation/Feedback Methods

State how students will be evaluated. In addition, state which of the competencies (Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Professionalism, Interpersonal/Communication Skills, Practice-Based and Life- Long Learning, and System-Based Learning) is addressed by each method.  [Ex. Written Examination (Medical Knowledge); Clinical Evaluation Form (Patient Care and Professionalism)]

1.  Direct observation of patient care skills by the attending physician, fellows, and residents on service (medical knowledge, patient care, professionalism, interpersonal/communication skills).

2. The students will give their attending a mid-point evaluation form half way through the selective in order to be assessed on their performance (all 5 competencies).

3. The attending physicians and fellows will provide the students with a verbal evaluation at the end of the rotation as well as a formal electronic evaluation (all 5 competencies).


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